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UFC Quick Quote: Leslie Smith shares awful post-fight ear pic, vows to do better next time

Photo courtesy of Leslie Smith via Sqor

"I was pretty mad in the cage. I saw some pictures afterward and I appreciate the doctors looking out for me. I guess. I should've adjusted to protect my ear before the doctors had to stop it. Thank you for all the support, thank you to my sponsors Kleinburg Private Wealth, Venum, Major's Pharmacy, Vitality Bowls, and WODBOX. Thank you to my team and my coaches at El Niño Training Center for getting me ready. Thank you to all the fight fans. I'll do better next time."

-- Leslie Smith suffers from cauliflower ear, a painful condition that typically affects mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters and wrestlers who don't diligently wear head gears in training/competition. Last night (Nov. 15, 2014) at UFC 180, Jessica Eye punched Smith in her cauliflower ear and it exploded. It was disgusting. And their 135-pound scrap was called off by ringside physicians as a result of her exploded ear (watch the video here). She wasn't happy about it at the time, and still seemingly isn't okay with it post-fight, but at least she now realizes the cause for concern. SHE HAS A HOLE IN HER EAR. It's huge, too. Not even James Thompson's ruptured cab door compares (more on that here). We wish her a speedy recovery and are glad to see her taking everything in stride. But, don't rush back at the expense of your other corn chip. Get them drained and treated ... regularly. Please. For everything else you need to know about UFC 180 click here.

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