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Video: Holly Holm comments on neck injury, hopes UFC will postpone Raquel Pennington fight

"It's been a couple weeks since it happened. My neck was kind of hurting and I kind of started taking it easy thinking it just needed a little bit of massage... and finally I had no activity in my triceps, so we figured we probably should get an MRI and I had a herniated disc that was putting pressure on my nerves going down to the arm. It is a pretty big injury. I really didn't want to cancel the fight.... I got a steroid epidural injection and it's taken a lot of the swelling down already. They said to give seven to 10 days with the injection to see if I have any strength coming back and I already feel it coming back. I actually feel 100-percent better already, which I can't go out and train right now. It's only been since Tuesday. It's only been three days, so if it's already actively working now I feel like it's going to be not too long before I can get back in the gym. I would love to still fight Raquel [Pennington] and have it on another card, but that's not really fair to her either.... That would be great if we could just postpone a little bit and if they find somebody for her and they want me to fight the winner, that sounds good to me too."

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) debut of undefeated bantamweight Holly Holm was put on hold last week, after "The Preacher's Daughter" suffered a neck injury and was forced to withdraw from her Raquel Pennington fight at UFC 181 next month in Las Vegas, Nevada (more on that here). The good news is, her treatment has already left her feeling right as rain, and hopes the promotion can postpone her "Rocky" bout until she's ready to lace 'em back up. However, if Pennington still intends on competing on Dec. 6 in "Sin City," than the former pro boxer -- who is likely being groomed for a future title fight -- will gladly square off against the winner.

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