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Video, 911 audio: War Machine laughs as sobbing Christy Mack testifies against him in Las Vegas court


I get the feeling War Machine is not in agreement with her side of the story.

Ex-girlfriend and popular adult film star Christy Mack testified against the mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter formerly known as Jon Koppenhaver, when the two were reunited in a Las Vegas courtroom last Friday (Nov. 14, 2014). Mack detailed her alleged assault and sobbed openly as photos were presented of her gruesome injuries (see them here).

From The Associated Press (via NY Post):

Koppenhaver laughed audibly and shook his head at one point as prosecutor Jacqueline Bluth asked Mack details of alleged sexual attacks. Defense attorney Brandon Sua tried to deny his client laughed, but [Las Vegas Justice of the Peace Melanie] Andress-Tobiasson stopped him short. "I watched him," she said.

So much for "forgiveness."

War Machine -- charged with 34 felonies -- did not testify and is expected to plead not guilty at his arraignment next Thursday in Clark County District Court (assuming he makes it that long). One person who did take the stand was Cory Thomas, the second victim named in his alleged attack, who suffered a broken nose and dislocated shoulder in last summer's altercation (full report here).

Koppenhaver could face life in prison.

For a complete background on this still-developing case click here.

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