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WSOF 15 live results stream

World Series of Fighting (WSOF) will have the first of two big fight cards to end the year TONIGHT (Sat., Nov. 15, 2014) with another primetime mixed martial arts (MMA) special.

WSOF 15, which takes place at the USF Sun Dome in Tampa, Florida, will feature a pair of championship bouts highlighted by middleweight kingpin David Branch taking on challenger Yushin Okami.

155-pound champion Justin Gaethje will lock lightweight horns with Melvin Guillard in the co-main event in a catchweight non-title affair (because of this), while a strawweight title clash between Jessica Aguilar and Kalindra Faria will round out the televised main card.

All that and much, much more. will provide LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the entire WSOF 15 main card below, starting with the Aguilar/Faria match, which is scheduled to begin at 9 p.m. ET on NBC Sports, right on through the other championship bouts.

Many of our readers check-in before, during and after the televised action to share their thoughts on all the exciting action. Therefore, feel free to leave a comment (or 15) before you leave and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it always turns out to be a great discussion.

Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps and post-fight analysis after WSOF 15.

Without further delay, see below for the latest WSOF 15 results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action.)


185 lbs.: David Branch def. Yushin Okami via TKO (punches and GNP) at 3:39 of round 4
159 lbs.: Justin Gaethje def. Melvin Guillard via decision (split) 30-27, 29-28, 28-29
115 lbs.: Jessica Aguilar def. Kalindra Faria via decision (unanimous) 49-46 x3
155 lbs.: Jorge Patino def. Eric Reynolds via decision (unanimous) 30-27 x2, 29-28
180 lbs.: Maurice Salmon def. Javier Torres via TKO (doctor stoppage) after round 1
145 lbs.: Anderson Hutchinson def. Troy Gerhart via decision (unanimous)
185 lbs.: Reggie Pena def. Joe Johnson via submission (rear-naked choke) in round 1
135 lbs.: Andrew Connors vs. Edir Terry --
155 lbs.: Ryan Keenan def. Jose Andres Cortes via submission (rear-naked choke) in round 3
155 lbs.: Tony Way def. Fred Moncaio via submission (guillotine) in round 3
185 lbs.: Hector Ochoa def. Robert Reed via decision (split)


185 lbs. Title Fight: CHAMPION David Branch vs. Yushin Okami

Round one: Feeling out process here so far. 90 seconds in and both men are tentatively swinging sporadically, Branch with a right. There's the expected clinch finally... not too much. Knee from Okami. There's the takedown from Thunder and he's in Branch's butterfly guard. Full guard now. Ref calling for action and Okami gets in a nice right. Branch gets some separation and stands with 25 seconds left.

10-9 Okami

Round two: Another slow start. Branch gets in a good strike 30 seconds in with a right. Okami gets in a lead hook as Branch closes. Branch with a single leg into a clinch that he wisely breaks out of. Okami tries a big straight left, but it isn't clean. Branch misses an overhand. Jab and a low kick from Branch. Body kick from Okami. Okami enters with a left, but David circles out of danger. Branch with a nice right to the body. Left to the jaw and a takedown attempt that fails. Branch has cut Okami a bit. They clinch with Okami against the fence. Thunder gets a Thai clinch and lands a knee.

10-9 Branch

Round three: Solid body kick from Okami answers a couple jabbing leg kicks from Branch. They're both pawing lefts. Clinch and Branch is trying to get out of it. Branch reverses him off the cage and now Okami is on the wall. Punches to Okami's leg and then he breaks away. Straight right from Branch. Jab from Okami. One from Branch in answer. Another. The third misses, but a right doesn't. There's a nice right from Okami. Flicking kick from Branch. A pair of rights land for Branch. Jab from Okami. Okami's stuffed on a takedown attempt. Okami with a lead hook.

10-9 Branch

Round four: Head kick from Branch hits mostly hand, but just mostly. Nice jab from the champion. Okami with a solid right to counter the Branch low kick. Branch opening up here a bit with another high kick. Jab connects. Another. Branch with a single-leg that he bails on after Okami shucks him away. That's a couple of decent power punches from Okami there. Branch still potshotting here. Left from Okami. Branch to the body then the head. Nice liver kick from Yushin. Big punch from Branch and Okami is down! He's powering forward for the finish! Branch with the GNP and he ends it!

Final result: David Branch defeats Yushin Okami via TKO (punches) at 3:39 of round 4


159 lbs.: Justin Gaethje vs. Melvin Guillard

Round one: No glove touch here. Gaethje opens with a leg kick. Another heavy low kick. Overhand, too. Guillard clinches and gets a left knee. Guillard with a right. Gaethje misses a head kick. Quick, snapping low kick from the champ - not that there's a challenger in this one. Outside leg kicks from both sides. Gaethje with a left that lands clean. Melvin no selling it, staying out of range from follow ups with his hands at his waist. Guillard with an uppercut. He lands a right as well. Guillard trying hard for that uppercut. Gaethje misses a wild overhand. Jab from Guillard lands on the gloves as Gaethje covers up. Gaethje punches to the hip of Guillard. Gaethje slips on a high kick and Guillard tries to capitalize, but doesn't connect. Guillard with a pair of counter lefts as Gaethje comes forward. Nice uppercut from Guillard. Gaethje hits a left. Another one, but Guillard answers with a knee. Justin with a huge lowkick that sweeps the legs from Melvin. Big right as Guillard regains his feet.

10-9 Gaethje in a close round

Round two: Gaethje got Melvin with a short right after the bell, and they're both yapping. They swing into the clinch and both men get in some shots inside. Guillard with some good, subtle head movement. Gaethje with a nice right hand and a spinning backfist as well. Gaethje lands a nice right to the body. Melvin lands a liver shot. And a liver kick, too. Nice right uppercut and a knee from Justin. Uppercut from Melvin and Guillard pokes him in the eye. Ref misses it and they continue. Melvin swinging. Justin swinging back. Both men landing solid, but Gaethje looks to want to brawl even more than Melvin. Gaethje with a high kick. 1-2 from Guillard. Jab from both men, then Melvin throws a nice flurry. Heavy kick to the knee from Gaethje. Pair of right hooks from Guillard. Clinch... uppercut from Gaethje and a knee from Melvin. Guillard with a nice series of uppercuts breaks up the clinch.

10-9 Guillard in another nailbiter round.

Round three: Lefts from both men. Right from Gaethje connects. Slapping inside leg kick. Pair of 1-2s from Guillard, nothing perfectly clean, however. Gaethje rips another inside leg kick. There's an outside one that buckles Melvin's leg. Another one and Melvin is limping badly. A third. Inside leg kick. Melvin finally checks one, but not the one behind that. Melvin limping badly on each of these low kicks. Three more. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Right hand finally breaks up the slow repetition. Clinch and Gaethje knees the leg. Uppercut from Melvin breaks that clinch up. Big left from Justin. Clinch and Melvin tried a hip toss, but can't get it. They break. Inside leg kick knocks Guillard to the ground. Spinning backfist from Gaethje. Jab from Guillard. A right. Big right from Gaethje at the end.

10-9 Guillard

Final result: Justin Gaethje defeats Melvin Guillard via split decision (30-27, 29-28, 28-29)


115 lbs. Title Fight: CHAMPION Jessica Aguilar vs. Kalindra Faria

Round one: Feeling out process early. Faria gets in a right about 30 seconds in. Clinch, some dirty boxing from both women and they break. Right from Aguilar. Faria flurries and she got in a right hand, too. Clinch against the cage with Aguilar backing up the challenger. "Jag" getting hit with a couple knees, but got in an elbow on the release. Standing free and Faria gets a knee in as Aguilar ducked down coming in. Clinch and break. They both hit lefts. Lead right lands from the champ. Right and a knee lands for Aguilar. 40 seconds left. Jab from Faria. Takedown attempt by Jessica at the end doesn't land.

10-9 Aguilar in a close round

Round two: Jag with a low kick. She changes levels and finally gets a takedown, catching Faria coming forward. Faria wall walks, but immediately gets dumped back down. Aguilar struggling to maintain position and loses it. They're standing with Faria's back against the links. Couple of knees from Faria. Aguilar lands a nice elbow and backs off. Low kick from Aguilar gets countered by Faria. Right hand from both women. Faria stuffs the takedown, gets double underhooks and now she's looking for the takedown. Nothing happening. Big overhand right from Aguilar. Faria gets in a left, misses a spinning back elbow. Straight right to Faria's neck. Outside leg kick from Aguilar. Aguilar lands an overhand, countering Faria's inside kick. Faria tries for a trip, can't get it. Aguilar with the underhooks, but can't get the takedown of her own.

10-9 Aguilar

Round three: Aguilar tries for a takedown, but Faria reverses it mid-air with a throw and is on top. Aguilar immediately back up to her feet. Aguilar with the left underhook and foot stomping Faria. She drops for a double and locks her hand. She scoops the legs out from underneath the challenger, but it's a rough position to hold. Positional grappling at the moment, as Aguilar is looking to land her right hand. Finally she gets Faria's back off the cage and is trying for side control. Faria rolls, and almost looks to have the back for a second, but she lands underneath. GNP from the champ briefly before maintaining the position as Faria tries to move. Faria gets her back to the cage and is using it to try and stand. At the moment, Aguilar is able to maintain the top position and is getting in some strikes. Front headlock position. Guillotine attempt and Aguilar lets it go... Faria again gets her back to the fence and stands. Gets Jessica back against the cage and hits a nice knee to the liver. Aguilar circles off. Center cage and they trade rights. Single leg attempt from Faria fails.

10-9 Aguilar

Round four: Aguilar powers forward with a bodylock nearly immediately. Faria's back to the metal. Faria gets her arm in between and pushes off the champ. Left hand from Aguilar. Spinning back kick from Faria lands, and a spinning back kick misses from Aguilar. Faria gets in the 2 on a 1-2. Faria gets in deep on a double, but taking down Aguilar is like taking down a fire hydrant. she shoots her hips back and boom, out of the double leg and we're back to swinging. Right elbow from Faria. Aguilar times a great takedown and has the takedown right into mount. Couple of strikes and Faria gives up her back to roll. Faria rolls back and regains quarter guard briefly, but rolls back and it's backmount again. Scramble and Faria is out of the mount, but into a front headlock. Aguilar threatens a guillotine but can't get it. She's still leaning heavy on Faria's head and getting in punches. Faria's game and keeps working - now she's back to standing. They break away with 25 seconds to go. Faria with a couple of rights as Aguilar is backpedalling.

10-9 Aguilar

Round five: Faria's face is wearing some bruises here. Looks like she tried to mug Renzo Gracie or something. Right hand from a desperate Faria. Aguilar with a spinning backfist. They're trading rights, with Faria getting the better of those exchanges. Faria stuffs a takedown and gets in a knee and a left. Overhand right from Aguilar met with a liver shot from Faria. Aguilar with a duck under and a takedown. Faria has her back to the cage yet again, working to rise, but Aguilar is trying to be as heavy as possible. Two minutes to go. Body knee and some right hands from Aguilar, but that gives Faria the space to scramble. Faria coming forward here. Lead elbow, Jones style. They both land overhands. 3-2 from the challenger. Faria is trying everything here, but hasn't been able to land anything perfect. Low-high from the champ. Flurry from Faria.

10-9 Faria

Final result: Jessica Aguilar defeats Kalindra Faria via unanimous decision (49-46 x3)


155 lbs.: Jorge Patino vs. Eric Reynolds

Round one: My cable cut out for a brief period, so I missed the first few minutes of the round. I rejoin the action with the ref about to restart the fight after a kick by Reynolds to the face of Patino when both men were on the ground in the heel hook position. The ref restarts them in the same position and Patino immediately starts cranking the hold. Reynolds defends and rolls out, He briefly gets on top in a scramble, but his base is all out of whack with one leg over Patino's shoulder and one leg back near the groin. Patino reverses it and rolls on top. He's in side control and gets Reynolds in the crucifix position. He's hammering down some elbows, but gets too high on the neck and Reynolds bucks underneath and eventually squirms his way out of there. They're back standing and Jorge lands an immediate left hook and follows up with a takedown. Patino with a few nice elbows as the horn sounds.

10-9 Patino

Round two: Reynolds got cut badly by one of those elbows and his head is leaking badly. They power forward to each other and start swinging. They separate and restart. Reynolds backs Patino into the cage and they start trading. Patino with a couple of nice left then the takedown. Immediate pass into mount. Patino is doing his level best to open up and finish Reynolds. He's been pounding away for more than two minutes. Finally, Reynolds turns, bucks and he gets a reversal!  Reynolds on top, and he's desperate for a finish!  Trying hard here with GNP, but not much is all that effective. A minute left and Patino scrambles out and he's on top in guard. They've stopped working and the ref stands them. Patino goes to touch gloves, Reynolds no-dices him, so Patino smashes his face with a right. The canvas is a bloody mess in the area where they were on the ground. Takedown and into mount we go again. Patino seems to be gassed and is content to just stay on top for the remaining few seconds.

10-9 Patino

Round three: Reynolds opens up swinging, both men land lefts. Two right hands from Patino land, but Reynolds appears to have gone full Leben and is just eating everything. Low kick from Reynolds. Patino is certainly running on fumes here. Reynolds misses a high kick as Patino ducks under it. Patino grabs the bodylock and takes him down. Another immediate mount pass. Patino not working terribly hard, but working nonetheless to land punches and elbows. He's definitely making sure he doesn't get bucked out of mount here. 75 seconds left. Patino looks for an arm triangle briefly before settling back. Reynolds rolls and squirms, he's got a single, but that's a really generous interpretation of what a single-leg is. Patino is on top, sprawling and landing more punches. That's the round.

10-9 Patino

Final result: Jorge Patino defeats Eric Reynolds via unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 29-28)


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