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Kelvin Gastelum: Mike Dolce ignored my request to collaborate on UFC 180 weight cut (Video)

"No, he's not working with me. I did contact him before coming out here and I had no response, so I don't know what the deal was. He's a busy guy. I don't know what he's got going on in his life. I don't know if he's got issues, or other important things going on. It doesn't bother me much. But yes it does, because I wanted the help and now he's here, but it's kind of bittersweet, I guess. I'm feeling great. I've only got a few pounds left to lose and I'm still eating, I'm still drinking water and feel 100 percent."

I guess famed mixed martial arts (MMA) web cutting wizard, Mike Dolce, is still sore over those comments Kelvin Gastelum made earlier this year, that claimed the "Dolce Diet" was too expensive for his UFC Fight Night 44 showdown against Nico Musoke. Gastelum -- a former middleweight -- came in heavy for that fight and tried to collaborate with Dolce for this weekend's UFC 180 showdown against Jake Ellenberger (weigh ins here). Unfortunately, phone calls were not returned. But was Dolce busy ... or butthurt? Only he knows for sure.

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