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Bellator 131 LIVE results stream

Bellator 131: "Tito vs. Bonnar" takes place this Sat. night (Nov. 15, 2014) at the Valley View Casino Center in San Diego, California. The main event grudge match is a collision between two former UFC light heavyweights in "American Psycho" Stephan Bonnar and "People's Champion" Tito Ortiz. The co-main event will crown a new lightweight champion as interim titleholder "Ill" Will Brooks has a rematch with former champion Michael Chandler. Real-time results begin with "prelim" fights at 7 p.m. ET right here!

Bellator 131: "Tito vs. Bonnar" takes place this weekend (Sat., Nov. 15, 2014) at the Valley View Casino Center in San Diego, California, with the ninth and final event of Bellator's eleventh season on Spike TV.

A long-anticipated light heavyweight showdown headlines the Pacific coast card, as a continual war of words between "American Psycho" Stephan Bonnar and self-proclaimed "People's Champion" Tito Ortiz has sufficiently hyped up this fight to lure in the casual fans, even if it's all for show.

The hardcore MMA fans will likely be lured in by the rematch in the co-main event. Interim lightweight champion "Ill" Will Brooks faces former lightweight kingpin Michael Chandler for the second time, having already defeated him by split decision in their previous title fight. Brooks wants to solidify his claim to the crown, while Chandler wants a return to his winning ways.

Bellator has put together a TV line-up that on paper promises memorable finishes. Kickboxing veterans Joe Schilling and Melvin Manhoef will let it all hang out in a fight they have to be hoping "Marvelous" wins by knockout. Perennial contender Muhammad "King Mo" Lawal will look for an exciting finish against late replacement Joe "The Doctor" Vedepo.

All of this airs Saturday night on Spike TV starting at 9 p.m. ET along with the Bellator debut of Nam Phan, going against fan favorite Mike "The Marine" Richman. will be here all night long to bring you LIVE Bellator 131 results and play-by-play for the televised fights along with the the under card action on at 7 p.m. ET.

Many readers check in before, during and after the fights to share their thoughts on all of the action. Feel free to leave a comment (or 131) about the bouts before you leave and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it's always a lot of fun!


Main Card (Spike TV):

Tito Ortiz vs. Stephan Bonnar: Ortiz by split decision 30-27 X2, 28-29.

Will Brooks {ic} vs. Michael Chandler: Brooks by TKO at 3:48 of R4.

Melvin Manhoef vs. Joe Schilling: Schilling by KO at 0:32 of R2.

Mike Richman vs. Nam Phan: Richman via TKO at 0:46 of R1.

Muhammed Lawal vs. Joe Vedepo: King Mo via TKO at 0:39 of R3.

Preliminary Card (

Ian Butler vs. Joao Faria: Faria by sub (arm and head choke) at 1:58 of R3.

A.J. Matthews vs. Kyle Bolt: Matthews by knockout at 1:39 of R1.

Ron Henderson vs. Jonathan Santa Maria: Santa Maria via SD (28-29, 29-28, 30-27).

Andy Murad vs. Bubba Pugh: Murad via split decision (29-28 X2, 28-29).

Matt Ramirez vs. Nick Garcia: Garcia via sub (guillotine) at 0:56 of R2.

Jordan Bailey vs. Alex Higley: Bailey via sub (RNC) at 3:27 of R1.

Rolando Perez vs. Mark Vorgeas: 29-27 Vorgeas, 30-26 Perez, 28-28 - split draw.


Tito Ortiz vs. Stephan Bonnar

Round 1: Bonnar is in black trunks with blue glove tape. Ortiz is in the black with red glove tape. Bonnar is 15-8 and fights out of Las Vegas, Nevada. Ortiz is 17-11-1 and fights out of Huntington Beach, California. Our referee in charge is Mike Beltran. Ortiz tries to push it to the fence right away, then both men reset. Ortiz gets a single leg at 25 seconds and Ortiz tries to take the back, though Bonnar is back up at 0:37. They trade knees for a bit. The partisan San Diego crowd chants loudly for Tito. Ortiz complains to Beltran that Bonnar is grabbing his shorts. They break at 2:00. Bonnar has a cut in his scalp. Bonnar takes a right knee to the cup and Beltran calls time. Bonnar is quickly ready to go. Over 3 minutes gone. Bonnar throws a flurry. Ortiz is covering up on some but not all of Bonnar's strikes. Ortiz tries to land one big shot, Bonnar tries to land 3-4 good ones. Ortiz gets a takedown at 4:44. His wrestling may be the edge with the judges in a close first round.

Round 2: Bonnar is able to stuff Ortiz' takedown early in R2. Ortiz drops levels again at 1:05 and takes the head in a front choke position as Bonnar drops to his knees. He tries to spin to take the back but Bonnar blocks it. Ortiz swings wild with a left hook. Ortiz goes for the takedown at 2:13 and at first it appears he has it but Bonnar shakes him off and pulls the leg free at 2:28. Bonnar lands a good right and Ortiz a solid left. Stiff left jab to the nose by Ortiz. They are both noticeably slowing down but Bonnar is wearing the fight more than Ortiz. They stand and trade at 3:48. Ortiz gets a takedown at 4:14 and gets the back. Bonnar gets to his knees and Beltran warns him not to grab the fence. Bonnar covers up a bit then is able to stand right as R2 ends.

Round 3: Ortiz gets a takedown early in R3 but Bonnar is back up at 0:57. Ortiz trips him down 9 seconds later. Bonnar escapes again and they return to the center. Bonnar catches a kick but Ortiz escapes. Bonnar's hands keep drifting further and further South. Ortiz looks a little like the "Bad Boy" of old in terms of his cardio. He nails Bonnar with a right at 3:20. Bonnar is caught looking at the clock. Ortiz pops him with a left. 40 seconds left and it looks as though Ortiz is going to get his second win in a row for the first time in years. Bonnar tries to turn it into a slugfest late but it backfires as Ortiz nails him repeatedly against the fence before the bell. Ortiz flips double birds behind Bonnar's back.

Final result: The judges score this fight 30-27 Ortiz, 29-28 Bonnar, 30-27 by split decision for Tito Ortiz.


Will Brooks vs. Michael Chandler

Chandler is in black Dethrone trunks tonight. The current title holder Brooks is in the white. Chandler is 12-2 and fights out of San Diego, California. Brooks is 14-1 and fights out of Chicago, Illinois. Our referee in charge of this title bout is Jason Herzog.

Round 1: Brooks lands the first leg kick of the fight. Chandler grabs a single leg and Brooks hops to the fence. One minute gone. Chandler fires knees trying to get Brooks off balance, but he winds up taking the back instead. He has one hook in but loses it as Brooks escapes. 2:12. Now Chandler lands a leg kick. Chandler is trying to get in and out. He takes a hard leg kick at 3:16 right to the knee. Chandler misses with a head kick when Brooks is against the fence. He keeps trying to back Brooks up. Jump knee misses. Brooks backs him off with a jab and lands a leg kick. Close first round that appears to favor Brooks by a small margin.

Round 2: Chandler is going for the single leg again thirty seconds into R2, but Brooks is not going down easy. Brooks widens his stance and effectively blocks for a while, Chandler gets him down to one knee, and Brooks quickly pops back up. Chandler finally lets it go and uncorks a right hand. Herzog calls time as Chandler is swarming as Brooks caught a shot to the cup. Brooks is wincing once he gets back up to walk it off. He's ready to go after a little over a minute of recovery time. Chandler misses with a kick and a spinning backfist. Brooks stuffs a takedown but eats a couple of right hands and a knee. Brooks lands uppercuts and knees in the clinch. Chandler lands an uppercut, Brooks shoots, Chandler grabs a guillotine and goes hard for it. 40 seconds left. Chandler lets it go. Brooks fires a shot as they break. Blood is coming out of Chandler's nose. He's getting tagged hard with jabs. 10-9 Brooks.

Round 3: Chandler is eating shots with increasing frequency as the fight goes on, and Brooks is also up 29-8 on kicks landed. Chandler goes for the single leg takedown again at 1:19. He's eating knees for his trouble. Chandler lets it go at 1:58. A knee to the body and an uppercut from Brooks. They tie up and Brooks pushes Chandler into the cage. Halfway point of the round and of a possible five rounds. More knees and left hands from Brooks. He keeps turning Chandler back into the fence. Herzog warns Brooks not to reach his hands up to the top of the cage. Chandler tries to take Brooks down from behind but Brooks gets the back, then slides off as he's too high up. Chandler with a foot stomp as he looks for the takedown. Herzog warns the fighters not to grab the cage with short time left. Another 10-9 Brooks.

Round 4: Brooks continues to effectively land the jab, and of the two fighters he has more spring in his step. Chandler throws a huge overhand right as we pass the one minute mark that hits air. Brooks bobs and weaves to avoid jabs against the fence but is hit with a jump knee. Chandler immediately looks for the takedown off of it. 2 minutes gone as they break. Chandler has a cut bleeding under his right eye. Brooks shoots and has Chandler down at 2:45, wasting little time taking the back. Chandler gets back up at 3:12 throwing a spinning backfist. Chandler throws Brooks but can't keep him down. BROOKS GETS THE STOPPAGE AT 3:48 OF R4 and there's mass confusion.

Herzog tells Chandler that he turned around and waved his hands to signal that he was done. Chandler says he doesn't remember it. It appears that a right hand to the temple from Brooks as he was getting up left Chandler out on his feet, confused as to where he even was, Brooks didn't understand and kept pouring on hands and knees but he was coming over to stop the fight anyway.

Final result: "Ill" Will Brooks wins via technical knockout at 3:48 of the fourth round.


Melvin Manhoef vs. Joe Schilling

Schilling is in the black trunks, 17-7 in kickboxing (but 1-3 in MMA - which is not announced), fighting out of Los Angeles. Manhoef is also in black trunks, 37-12 in kickboxing, 29-11-1 in MMA, fighting out of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Our referee in charge of this fight is Mike "Mustachio'd" Beltran.

Round 1: Both fighters bounce around for the first 30 seconds until Schilling lets go with a few kicks. Manhoef throws a spinning kick at 0:45 that causes an audible "ooh" in San Diego but missed the mark. Schilling clinches as Manhoef slips. Beltran calls time at 1:50 as Manhoef takes a shot to the groin. Manhoef recovers quickly and rocks Schilling at 2:10, jumping and pouring on shots as Beltran warns him not to hit the back of the head. Manhoef has side control at 2:30 but Schilling pushes him back to half guard. Schilling lands a few elbows off his back. Manhoef backs off then dives down with a left hand. 3:30. Beltran calls for improvement. Manhoef stands up and nearly eats an upkick. Beltran orders a stand-up at 4:02. Schilling lands a couple of knees. To the surprise of many this fight will go to a second round, although Manhoef is up 10-9.

Round 2: SCHILLING DROPS MANHOEF 32 SECONDS INTO R2 WITH A RIGHT HOOK AND THIS FIGHT IS OVER. He landed a left hand while Manhoef was falling but it wasn't even needed as Manhoef was already going down. He stayed down for a while after Beltran waived it off.

Final result: Joe Schilling wins at 0:32 of the second round by knockout.


Mike Richman vs. Nam Phan

Round 1: Phan is 20-13 in the red trunks, fighting out of Garden Grove, California. Richman is 17-5 in the black trunks, fighting out of Rosemount, Minnesota . Our referee in charge is Michael Bell. Richman is landing the left hand early and often and Phan goes down at 0:37. Richman pours it on against the fence and Bell waves the fight off ten seconds later after a barrage of rights! He goes over and points at Joe Warren, who was sitting in on commentary for the fight.

Final result: Mike "The Marine" Richman finishes Nam Phan by TKO at 0:46 of the first round.


Muhammed Lawal vs. Joe Vedepo

Vedepo is in red trunks with black trim for tonight's fight. King Mo is in the black trunks. Vedepo was flanked by "nurses" for his entrance, while Lawal had dancers carrying umbrellas. Combined with the big screen video wall behind them as they enter and you get the feeling Spike TV is going all out on the presentation tonight. Vedepo is 17-8 out of Cedar Rapids, Iowa - fighting out of San Diego, California. King Mo is 13-4 out of Coconut Creek, Florida. Our referee in charge for this first televised bout is Jason Herzog.

Round 1: Vedepo charges forward to the center of the cage to start the fight but Mo shoots and gets a takedown at 0:15. Mo backs up to work left and right hands then jumps back on at 1:05, picking the right ankle to keep Vedepo from getting back up. Mo stands up and fires more shots and Herzog is taking a close look as Mo closes distance and lays on the right hands. Vedepo is warned for an illegal upkick. Mo works his way toward side control at 2:40. He's warned to watch the back of the head. Mo stands up again at 2:57 then backs away before smothering Vedepo again before he can stand. Hammerfists and straight punches. Mo keeps backing off then jumping back on to throw rights. Vedepo's face is swelling up. Vedepo gives up his back at 4:20 but is able to stand back up. Mo cinches the waist and slams Vedepo when he goes for a guillotine. Completely one-way traffic for Mo in a dominant 10-9 opener.

Round 2: Mo has Vedepo on the ground 5 seconds into R2 then reasserts his dominance and pulls him down at 0:19. Vedepo tries to take an arm but Mo just pulls out of it with his strength. Mo spins and takes the back at 1:13 but Vedepo is able to stand back up. Knees to the thigh. Jackhammer left hands by Mo from behind until they break. Vedepo's face is drawing Rocky vs. Clubber Lang comparisons from the announcers. Mo throws Vedepo to the ground at 2:34 as Vedepo was slipping. Vedepo's right eye may be swelling shot and a trail of blood is coming from his left. Mo stands up at 3:46 and avoids a few upkicks before jumping back on. Knee to the body from side control. Not as brutal as R1 but just as dominant. He's up 20-18.

Round 3: Vedepo looks like a raccoon to start R3 and he's woozy on his fight eleven seconds into R3. He just falls down at 25 seconds and Herzog is looking on closely. He tells Vedepo to move or fight back several times and at approximately 40 seconds this fight is over. Mo talks to Vedepo afterward to make sure he's alright. Once he's sure Vedepo is okay he has a little fun in the cage, doing a swimming crawl and a backstroke on the mat.

Final result: "King Mo" Lawal wins via technical knockout at 0:39 of the third round.


Ian Butler vs. Joao Faria

Round 1: Butler is in the black trunks, Faria the white. Our referee is Michael Bell. Faria is content standing and firing from the center, using lots of low leg kicks, as Butler tries to circle and counter. He catches a kick but doesn't take Faria down. Apparently in pre-fight interviews Butler said of Faria "His jiu-jitsu is legendary, his striking is unrealistic." So far though that unrealistic striking is winning. 4 minutes gone. Butler doesn't improve in the last minute. 10-9 Faria.

Round 2: Butler is being more aggressive early in R2, so Faria pushes him toward the fence, then lets him go at 0:58. Butler catches a kick again but doesn't go for the takedown. Faria tries a head kick at 2:20 that's checked. He follows up with a Superman punch attempt. Faria continues to attack with the leg kicks. 3:10 Faria is warned to watch his fingers and not poke Butler in the eye. A better round for Butler but I still like Faria so far in this fight.

Round 3: Faria gets a takedown at the 40 second mark - the first one of the fight. At 1:30 he has full mount and Butler gives up his back. Faria continues to pound away as Bell looks close. He flips over again, Butler gets his head caught and Faria squeezes tight until Butler finally taps out at 1:58 to the head and arm choke.

Final result: Joao Faria wins via submission (head and arm choke) at 1:58 of the third round.


A.J. Matthews vs. Kyle Bolt

Round 1: Bolt is in the white trunks, Matthews the black. Mike Beltran is our ref. Nothing much happens in the first minute then MATTHEWS THINKS HE HAS A ONE PUNCH RIGHT HAND FINISH AND WALKS AWAY. Beltran didn't immediately wave it off. Matthews has to turn around and land a couple more shots. Beltran finally stops the fight.

Final result: A.J. Matthews wins via knockout at 1:39 of the first round.


Ron Henderson vs. Jonathan Santa Maria

Round 1: Our referee is Jason Herzog. Santa Maria is in the white trunks, Henderson the black. Henderson claims an eye poke at the 1 minute mark but Herzog tells him to keep fighting. Henderson goes for a takedown off a leg kick and is thrown to the side. Henderson lands a good combo at 2:57. Both fighters are content to trade in this round. It's a tale of two halves - Santa Maria looked good early, Henderson looked better late.

Round 2: Henderson hurts Santa Maria with a left hand 15 seconds into the round. Santa Maria's life story is amazing - he collided head on with a diesel truck when he fell asleep riding his motorcycle. Doctors told him he'd never walk again but he did 18 months later. Henderson continues to push forward, forcing Santa Maria to work on the outside and spend a lot of energy moving laterally. Henderson knocks him down with a left hook at 1:51. He tries to run away and Henderson takes him down, getting full mount at 2:03. He rides it to the back looking for a rear naked. Santa Maria gets back to his feet, Henderson gets another takedown, but he's out of position as Santa Maria clips him a couple of times. Henderson gets back up. My perception of the fight is changing - it feels less like Santa Maria is circling and more like he's avoiding and backing up. Henderson clips him again at 4:24 but gets hurt by a counter shot. He goes for a double leg to save himself. Good sprawl by Santa Maria to block and he lands hard shots to end R2.

Round 3: Henderson continues to push forward, Santa Maria continues to back up and circle around. Sean Wheelock: "Santa Maria's almost at a full sprint." Smith: "That's going to hurt him with the judges." Henderson clips him at 2:20. Smith: "We are getting dangerously close to fleeing from attack, which could get you disqualified." Sean Wheelock: "Is this timidity?" Smith: "We're getting there." 3 minutes gone. Santa Maria drops Henderson with a counter right at 3:58 but doesn't follow up. Henderson has a huge hematoma by his left eye. This could be a weird judging score. Smith has it 30-27 for Henderson though.

Final result: 29-28 for Henderson, 29-28 for Santa Maria, 30-27 for Santa Maria by split decision.


Andy Murad vs. Bubba Pugh

Round 1: Murad is in the red trunks. Pugh is in the black. Our referee is Michael Bell. This is Pugh's debut in Bellator and "The Tooth Fairy" Murad's third Bellator fight. Murad goes for a single leg early, lets it go, and Pugh goes for a trip but can't keep Murad down - so he stays heavy on top and spins to the back. Murad is warned not to grab the fence and Pugh gets the takedown at 1:26. He lands shots to the head while trying to get both hooks in. Murad pushes Pugh toward the fence and bridges with his feet. Pugh spins and rides all while landing rights to the head. Murad tries to take over and get a takedown but winds up standing up where Pugh trips him at 3:55. Elbows and rights by Pugh. Pugh aborts a Peruvian necktie attempt and goes back to guard. Murad is up at 4:40. 10-9 round for Pugh.

Round 2: Murad works hard for a single leg early and lets it go at 0:50. They're warned by Bell to fight. Pugh shoots as they spin and puts Murad against the fence, but Murad turns him right back. Another ref call for work. "Improve! Let's go!" Murad lands a couple of knees to the body as Pugh tries to shoot again. Another call for work at 2:30. Pugh gets a takedown but is so high on Murad's back that he's able to slip away and get to his feet. Murad pushes Pugh into the fence and Bell calls for work three times. A fourth call at the four minute mark. He doesn't break them apart though as Pugh pushes off. Murad gets him back to the fence and Bell calls for work three more times. Boring round but I'd give it to Murad 10-9 for controlling and dominating Pugh.

Round 3: Murad and Pugh trade right hands in the first 12 seconds of R3. Murad has a cut from a punch on his left eye. He puts Pugh against the fence and Bell calls for work again. We get a timeout as the doctor comes in to check Murad's cut, and it's in the eyelid, but they rule he can continue fighting. Murad puts Pugh back into the fence again. Bell wastes no time calling for work. Murad takes the back and Pugh pulls him across the cage, then we see in the same position as the last round - pressing Pugh into the cage and occasionally throwing hands or knees. Bell is a broken record calling for work. He finally restarts them at 3:20. Pugh throws Murad down but he gets right back up and puts Pugh against the fence. Weird sequence where Murad turns and walks away like he was asked to break. Murad gets a takedown late and Pugh throws a lot of elbows as he does. This one's going to the judges.

Final result: 29-28 for Pugh, 29-28 for Murad, 29-28 for the winner by split decision Andy Murad.


Matt Ramirez vs. Nick Garcia

Round 1: Ramirez is in the white trunks, Garcia the black. Our referee is Mike Beltran. This fight was changed to a catchweight of 132 pounds after yesterday's weigh-in. Garcia is the aggressor early, forcing Ramirez to circle on the outside, and Garcia jumps on top at 1 minute after Ramirez slips throwing a kick. Ramirez gets a warning not to grab the fence as he gets back to his feet. Ramirez throws Garcia to the ground at 2:14 but he pops back up. Ramirez pours on left hands against the fence. They reset to the center at 3:02. Spinning back kick by Ramirez. Head kick attempt. Garcia with a solid right hand at 4:29. Ramirez with a better left. He puts Garcia against the fence and takes him down seconds before R1. Garcia was going for a guillotine at the bell.

Round 2: Garcia lands an uppercut at 35 seconds and Ramirez is hurt. He's going for a standing guillotine, jumps guard, Ramirez tries to slam his way out but TAPS OUT INSTEAD. Garcia wins his return to Bellator MMA five years after he first competed at Bellator 11.

Final result: Nick Garcia finishes via submission (guillotine choke) at 0:56 of the second round.


Jordan Bailey vs. Alex Higley

Round 1: Higley is in the black trunks, Bailey the blue. Jason Herzog is our referee. Bailey has a takedown to full guard 11 seconds in. Bailey picks him up and slams him down at 0:52. Bailey briefly postures up at 1:28 for some head shots then looks to pass guard. Higley does a good job of keeping him in the center. Bailey spins around and takes the back at 2:26 looking for a rear naked choke. He lets it go, Higley sits up, and he tries to get it again. Higley keeps trying to explode up but Bailey gets it on tighter. Highley finally taps out with just over 90 seconds left in R1.

Final result: Jordan Bailey finishes via submission (rear naked choke) at 3:27 of the first round.


Rolando Perez vs. Mark Vorgeas

Round 1: Vorgeas has the black trunks, Perez the blue and white. Perez pushes Vorgeas into the fence for some clinch work early. Vorgeas has him turned around at the one minute mark and drop levels, then changes his mind. They break at 1:15. Perez is using leg kicks with more frequency as the fight goes on. Vorgeas flies in with a knee and takes the back, but can't get Perez down. He makes another attempt at 2:30 and settles for a knee to the body. The referee calls time at 3:44 so Perez can recover from a kick to the cup. Vorgeas comes forward after the restart but the takedown still isn't there. They break at 4:23. Solid right hand by Vorgeas. Perez tries a jump knee and a head kick late. Close first round.

Round 2: "Greg do you copy?" I think we're hearing the production truck. Anyway we get an eye poke AND a kick to the cup that momentarily stop action, and we resume at 0:28. A third kick to the cup results in a one point deduction for Vorgeas. Jimmy Smith and Sean Wheelock argue about the fact he didn't get warned the next time was a deduction during the last time out. 3:30. Vorgeas comes forward swinging and lands a solid left hand. Vorgeas shoots and still can't get the takedown. Perez pushes him away at 4:22. Perez with a nice right hook and an uppercut. This may have been a 10-8 round for Perez with the deduction.

Round 3: Vorgeas still can't get the takedown at 0:38. If at first you don't succeed... try, try, and keep not succeeding. Jimmy Smith is now outright saying Vorgeas can't win except with a knockout. Vorgeas must think he got that first round and earned a 9-9 on the second, because he's on his bike a lot. Perez is landing hard body shots. Vorgeas slips and stumbles at 3:05 but Perez lets him back up. Vorgeas looks for the takedown late and it's still not there. Perez tries a jump knee then lands a hard right hand right at the final bell.

Final result: 29-27 Vorgeas, 30-26 Perez, 28-28 - the fight is a split draw.


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