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GLORY 18 ratings: 352,000 viewers tune in to Spike TV for 'Return to GLORY' in Oklahoma

The numbers are in for this past weekend's GLORY 18 'Return to GLORY' event that took place in Shawnee, Oklahoma, at the Grand Resort Hotel and Casino. With 352,000 viewers, this is the lowest rated of the promotion's eight fight cards televised on Spike TV, but there are also plenty of positives to take from it.

Robin van Roosmalen lands a right hand through the guard of Davit Kiria at GLORY 18
Robin van Roosmalen lands a right hand through the guard of Davit Kiria at GLORY 18
James Law/GLORY Sports International

The world's leading kickboxing promotion put on its eighth fight card on Spike TV last weekend (Fri., Nov. 7, 2014).

GLORY 18: "Return to GLORY" saw 352,000 viewers tune in to watch Saulo Cavalari win the light heavyweight contender tournament and Robin van Roosmalen defeat Davit Kiria by majority decision to win the GLORY lightweight title.

Full results and recap here.

The Shawnee, Oklahoma, event was the least-watched show out of the eight that have been televised on Spike TV, coming in at 2,000 less than the 354,000 viewers who tuned in to see Gokhan Saki defeat Tyrone Spong at GLORY 15 in Istanbul.

And it is only the third show that failed to draw over 400,000 eyeballs.

The Spike telecast peaked at 648,000, but that was not the lowest ever for the promotion. GLORY 14 turned in the lowest peak out of the eight Spike cards at 588,000 for the event in Zagreb.

While the numbers are low, GLORY 18 was up against UFC Fight Night 55 that night and it was also the first card since GLORY 17 on June 21st.

Here are the most viewed GLORY cards from top to bottom:

  1. GLORY 13 Tokyo 659,000 viewers
  2. GLORY 16 Denver 498,000 viewers
  3. GLORY 14 Zagreb 495,000 viewers
  4. GLORY 17 Los Angeles 482,000 viewers
  5. GLORY 12 New York 476,000 viewers
  6. GLORY 11 Chicago 381,000 viewers
  7. GLORY 15 Istanbul 354,000 viewers
  8. GLORY 18 Oklahoma 352,000 viewers
The average viewers for the eight fight cards is 462,000.

GLORY has shown signs of being a sustainable brand, and the fights are often highly entertaining like they were at GLORY 18. The promotion just needs to put on fight cards more consistently and avoid long gaps in between events, like the almost five-month space between GLORY 17 and "Last Man Standing" and GLORY 18.

The announcement of GLORY 19 will keep the fans interested and the numbers should climb back up between the 400,000-500,000 mark once again.

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