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Mayhem Miller says Nate Diaz 'dummer' than Nick, blames mushrooms for decision to fight Rafael dos Anjos

Joe Camporeale-US PRESSWIRE

Lest anyone thinks that whole Strikeforce thing is water under the bridge, I present to you the twitter timeline of troubled mixed martial arts (MMA) veteran Jason Miller.

It should be noted that Miller spelled dumber, "dummer."

"Mayhem," who took a couple of fights against Johnny Law since his disappearance in 2012, is referring to Nate Diaz, who opted to end his non-violent protest over fighter pay by taking a bout against No. 3-ranked lightweight contender Rafael dos Anjos. That contest is slotted for the UFC on FOX 13 event on Dec. 13 in Phoenix, Arizona.

Can the younger Diaz make Miller eat his words next month on national television?

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