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The Long Con: Tito Ortiz baited Stephan Bonnar into signing with Bellator and will now cave his face in

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

I guess Stephan Bonnar never saw Return of the Jedi because IT'S A TRAAAAP!

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) hall of famer Tito Ortiz was ambushed by "The American Psycho" and his masked sidekick back at Bellator 123 (video), part of Bonnar's plan with UFC President Dana White to get revenge on "The Huntington Beach Bad Boy."

Also known as taking the bait hook, line, and sinker, according to Ortiz (via MMA Weekly):

"Well, it really came down to a plan, an idea that I thought would work, worked perfectly. When I first signed with Bellator, I guess Dana (White) and Bonnar kind of had an idea that if they called me out, I would come back to the UFC and fight. And this was a year ago that this happened. And I wasn't going to let that happen. I wanted to fight in Bellator, so I signed with Bellator and I thought in my mind, ‘How can I get Bonnar to Bellator to finally shut him up and smash him after the things he said?' And sneakily on my side, I got (fighter manager) Dave Thomas to sign him. Dave Thomas signed him and we had to think of something to make him believe that Dave Thomas doesn't like me, that Paul Herrera didn't like me. Paul Herrera was going to coach him. And Stephan Bonnar bit the line, hook and sinker. He thought in his own mind that all of his guys were against me and I fooled him. And now it's a week out from the fight. I know how his training camp went. I know the ins and outs. So he just got baited. That's how bad I want to cave his face in."

Many Bothans brain cells died to bring us this information.

Ortiz will get the chance to finish his long con in the main event of the Bellator 131 mixed martial arts (MMA) event on Spike TV this Saturday night (Nov. 15, 2014) from inside the Valley View Casino Center in San Diego, California (more on that here).

Parting words...

For the full Bellator 131 fight card and line up click here.

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