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UFC 180: Cain Velasquez picks Fabricio Werdum to beat Mark Hunt for interim heavyweight title

Sorry, "Super Samoan," but your one-punch knockout power isn't going to be enough to defeat "Vai Cavalo."

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight champion, Cain Velasquez, was forced out of his title fight against Fabricio Werdum at UFC 180, which was set to pop off at Arena Mexico in Mexico City, Mexico, on Nov. 15, 2014, due to an injury suffered in training.

Taking his spot against "Vai Cavalo" is Mark Hunt, who will be looking to win his first-ever mixed martial arts (MMA) title, albeit an interim one.

But according to Cain, that won't happen, as he picks Werdum to defeat "Super Samoan" due to the fact that he has a better overall MMA game.

Cain's words on The MMA Hour:

"I think Werdum. I think Mark Hunt just has that knockout power, that's pretty much it. I think Werdum, with his length and his wrestling, the ground, Werdum has it. On the feet, with the power that Hunt has, he has a chance of winning it there, but that's pretty much it."

Hunt, though, has the perfect defense for Fabricio's dangerous ground game.

As far as Cain's return, he's unsure when he'll be back after undergoing successful surgery last week. Though he informs fight fans that he'll do his best for a quick return.

In addition, the 265-pound kingpin doesn't mind that UFC decided to create an interim title, as he recognized that he has been out for quite some time.

"That's fine, I've been inactive for a while. To me, that stuff doesn't matter. Just as long as when I fight, I fight for a belt, that's all that matters to me. So, I don't really care that they decided to do that."

Damn you injuries.

As far as scaling back his training habits, Cain says there is no need, as he always trains properly. Sometimes, though, you just can't avoid injuries.

"When I train, I train well. When something is wrong with me, I just work through it; that's my mentality. Even if something hurts, or I'm injured, I think my pain tolerance is pretty high where it's pretty bad, even if I need surgery. but, I'll just pretty much work through it. Again, its part of the sport, we all go through it, I may have gone through it more than most, but I'm going to keep doing this."

We have Cain's pick for the upcoming heavyweight title fight, fight fans, what's yours?

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