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Invicta 9 live results stream

Invicta Fighting Championship (Invicta FC) is back online later tonight (Sat., Nov. 1, 2014) for Invicta FC 9: "Honchak vs. Hashi" inside RiverCenter in Davenport, Iowa, headlined by a flyweight title fight between champion Barb Honchak and challenger Takayo Hashi.

The nine-fight event will stream live on UFC Fight Pass beginning at 9:00 p.m. ET.

For those of you chislers (like me) who still won't shell out the $10 a month to pay for the promotion's digital streaming service, your friends right here at will be providing live results and play-by-play all night long, and we encourage you to hang around in the comments section below for our usual rip-roaring good time.

Now then, on with the show!


Barb Honchak def. Takayo Hashi by unanimous decision (49-46, 50-45 x2)
Karolina Kowalkiewicz def. Mizuki Inoue by split decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28)
Raquel Pa'aluhi def. Kaitlin Young by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)
Jodie Esquibel def. Nicdali Rivera-Calanoc by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)
Amber Brown def. Liz McCarthy by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 30-27)
Amanda Bell def. Maria Hougaard Djursaa by TKO (punches) at 4:55 of Round One
Andrea Lee def. Shannon Sinn by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)
Jamie Moyle def. Jenny Lou Shriver by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)
Kelly McGill def. Maegan Goodwin by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28 x2)


Barb Honchak vs. Takayo Hashi

Round 1: Honchak sticking out her jab. Hashi very kinetic. Hashi looks to take her to the cage, Honchak reverses once there. One minute in. Knees from both. More knees. They move to an adjacent section of fence. Two minutes in. Short punches as well from Honchak. Hashi gets off the fence, only to get put right back there by Honchak. Now Hashi reverses, but not for long. Two minutes to go.

More knees. Not terribly much happening. Honchak with a right hand on the exit. Back to center cage. One minute to go. Both women falling short with their punches. Barb pumping the jab. Honchak gets over-unders and moves her to the fence. Round ends there. 10-9 Honchak

Round 2: Nice leg kick by Honchak spins Hashi around. Honchak enters the clinch against the fence. Knees from Barb. Hashi reverses position, can't maintain it. One minute in. More jockeying near the fence. Knees from both. Two minutes in, no change.

Ladies, it's midnight where I am and, not gonna lie, I've had a bit to drink. Please make staying awake easier.

Level elbow from Honchak. More clinching. Two minutes to go.

Nice knee to the body from Barb. Another good elbow after more knees and clinching. One minute to go. Things stay exactly the same for the last minute. 10-9 Honchak.

Round 3: Jabs and kicks being flicked out at range. Honchak moves her to the cage again. Oh boy. One minute in. They circle around one another for a bit. Now they separate. Low kick from Barb. Both showing the left hand. Two minutes in. Clinch time. Two minutes to go.

Hashi reverses position on the cage. Now she finally completes an outside trip. Side control for Hashi. Honchak turns to stand and Hashi grabs the front headlock.  Honchak pops out. One minute to go. Counter right by Honchak. Clinch, Honchak lands a knee before the bell. 10-9 Hashi because that takedown was literally the only thing of note that happened.

Round 4: Honchak opens with a leg kick. Punch exchange, nothing lands clean. Honchak low kick. Clinch, Honchak moves her to the fence. One minute in. Weak knees and ineffectual jockeying for position ahoy. Honchak elbow. Two minutes in. Hashi gets out of the clinch. Jab trades. Overhand right by Honchak. Punch exchange. Short punches by Honchak. Two minutes to go.

Honchak low kick and clinch. Clinching continues. Hashi circles out. One minute to go. Clinch time again, this time in the center. Dirty boxing from both before they split. Hashi briefly completes a single-leg, but ends up on the bottom at the bell. 10-9 Honchak.

Round 5: Twelve seconds before they clinch this time. I think that's a record for the fight.  Hashi moves off the cage, gets put right back. One minute in. Now she separates. Honchak low kick as Hashi clinches. They move about the cage in the clinch. Short right on the exit by Barb. Two minutes in. Left hook from Honchak. Jab exchange. Straight by Honchak. Hashi clinches and moves Barb to the fence. Hashi moves to the rear waistlock. Two minutes to go.

Back elbow from Barb. Barb briefly grabs the fence before managing to turn around. Honchak reverses position on the fence. Elbow by the champ. One minute to go. Dirty boxing, Barb gets the better of it before they separate. Honchak low kick. Brief clinch. Honchack clinches again, landing knees to the body before exiting with an elbow. Another brief clinch. Hashi ducks an elbow into a takedown attempt before the bell. 10-9 Honchak.

Final result: Honchak def. Hashi by unanimous decision


Mizuki Inoue vs. Karolina Kowalkiewicz

Round 1: Karolina will by KK for the remainder of this play-by-play. Polish names will be the death of me, or at least that of my wrists.

KK opens with a low kick. Counter jab from Inoue. Good low kick from KK, Inoue lands a counter right. Nice straight-leg kick-straight combination by KK. KK leg kick. One minute in. KK side kick, Inoue combination. COmbination from KK capped by a low kick. Inoue low kicks. KK answers. Nice right hand from KK kicks off a rapid exchange. Right straight by Inoue. Two minutes in. Inoue ducks an overhand right. Leg kicks met by punches. Body shot from KK. 2-1-2 by KK, Inoue 1-2 falls short. KK to the leg and body with kicks, Inoue countering with punches. Two minutes to go.

Inoue leg kick, KK answers. Punch exchange near the fence. Mizuki avoids a knee. Inoue avoids a combintion. Shrot right hands by KK. Bigger counter right and punching combination. On eminute to go. KK high kick blocked. Counter jab by Inoue. KK body kick and 1-2. Inoue landing jabs but unable to deter the Pole. Right hands from KK.  Round ends, 10-9 Kowalkiewicz.

Round 2: KK with a lead right hand and combination. Another good right hand after a body kick. Quick punching exchange. KK to the body. KK strikes from the clinch, Inoue moves her to the fence. Body shots from Inoue. One minute in. Elbow exchange, KK's bigger. Uppercut connects for her. Two minutes in. Inoue low kick. KK wades in with punches, lands a body kick. Inoue attempts a trip and KK grabs the rear waistlock. Inoue manages to turn around. Knees from the Pole. Two minutes to go.

Inoue reverses position against the cage and trips KK down into side control. KK working to insert a knee shield. KK turns into her and gives up her back. One minute to go. Both hooks in standing for Inoue. KK spikes her down, doesn't get her off her back. Inoue dropping punches, KK elbowing the body. There's the bell. 10-9 Kowalkiewicz.

Round 3: Inoue low kicks. KK answers. Counter right from Inoue. 1-2 by KK just misses. Jab trade. Inoue low kick, KK right hands. Low kick. Jab and low kick from Inoue, then an overhand right. One minute in. KK low kick. Front kick misses. Punch exchange in center cage, body kick by KK. KK sprawls on a takedown attempt. Right by Inoue met by a three-punch combo. KK low kicks. 1-1-2 by Inoue. Two minutes in. KK 1-2. Body shot. KK low and side kicks as Inoue fires jabs. KK stuffs another takedown attempt and lands some elbows inside. Punching relatively even. Inoue on the front foot. Low kick from KK, KK answers. Two minutes to go.

Inoue's jab is very active as KK continues to rattle off combinations. KK knee to the body, then an uppercut. Short blows by KK as Inoue advances in the clinch. Body shot. Inoue moves her to the fence. Knees to the body by both. One minute to go. KK reverses position on the fence. KK combination, overhand right by Inoue. Both women throwing rapid combinations. Good right hands from KK, good counter lefts by Inoue. They continue slugging it out until the bell. 10-9 Inoue.

Final result: Kowalkiewicz vs. Inoue by split decision


Kaitlin Young vs. Raquel Pa'aluhi

Round 1: Pa'aluhi moving forward. Young pops her with a jab. Pa'aluhi low kick, stiff left by Young. Counter left hook from Raquel off of a right straight. Young left hook. One minute in. Quick punching exchange. Raquel left hook, Young right straight. 1-2 from Young. Raquel high kick blocked. 1-2 again from Young. Another good cross from Young. Two minutes in. 3-2 from Young, hard 1-2 soon after. Raquel counter hook met by a right hand. Another 1-2 by Kaitlin, Raquel looks for one of her own. 3-2 connects for Young. Two minutes to go.

3-2 from Young. Raquel tries to tie up, cannot. Young right hand. 1-2 lands. Body kick. Knee in the clinch by Raquel. Pa'aluhi wades in after eating another right hand, nothing lands clean. One minute left. Cross from Young, hook by Raquel. Rapid punching exchanges. Pa'aluhi catches a body kick and tosses her to the ground. She grabs the rear waistlock when they stand and they end the round there. 10-9 Young.

Round 2: Pair of 1-2s from Pa'aluhi. 3-2 lands. Raquel lead right hand. Body shot, left hook exchange. Young left hook and Raquel moves into the clinch. Exchange at close range and Raquel changes levels for a double-leg. Pa'aluhi gets her most of the way down. One minute in. Young back to her feet, Pa'aluhi still on her and completes the takedown into half guard. Short punches from Raquel. Side control now. Knee-on-belly briefly. Two minutes in. More shots from Raquel on top. Now she hops into mount. Kaitlin gives up her back and Raquel puts both hooks in. Body triangle now. Two minutes to go.

Pa'aluhi looking to soften her up with punches and briefly gets the forearm under her chin. Raquel switches to an armbar, but loses her grip on the arm. Pa'aluhi takes the back again in the ensuing scramble. One minute to go. Young moving around, Pa'aluhi staying on top. Raquel squeezing on the jawline. Young gets her head out before the bell. 10-9 Pa'aluhi.

Round 3: 1-2 from Pa'aluhi and a left hook. Young left hook. Young right hand met by a left hook. Pa'aluhi wading after her with power punches. Young circles free. Young with a lead right hand. Brief clinch. One minute in. Raquel with a low kick. Young jab met by a right hand. Raquel left hook. Pa'aluhi low kick as she advances. Powerful right hook from Young. Two minutes in. 1-2 from Pa'aluhi. 1-2. Left hook, right straight. Raquel wading forward. 1-2 from Raquel and a counter left hook. Double-leg attempt completed into half guard. Two minutes to go.

Raquel pops into mount and Young gives up her back as Raquel drops hammerfists. Both hooks in for Raquel. One minute to go. Young rolling, unable to dislodge Pa'aluhi. Young manages to regain half guard. Raquel goes to knee-on-belly and drops punches until Young turtles. Back to the back for Pa'aluhi. The fight ends in that position. 10-9 Pa'aluhi.

Final result: Pa'aluhi def. Young by unanimous decision


Jodie Esquibel vs. Nicdali Rivera-Calanoc

Round 1: Calanoc low kicks, Esquibel answers. Lead right hand by Esquibel lands. Overhand right. Combination by Esquibel, Calanoc low kick. Once again. One minute in. Esquibel body shot, low kick exchange. Calanoc counter as Esquibel advances. Esquibel looking to move in and out, Calanoc looking for counters. The former doing better so far. Left hook by Esquibel. Body shot met by a left hook. Two minutes in. Esquibel ending combiatnons with low kicks. Uppercut-left hook. Low kick. Spinning kick misses. Left straight. Again, both in combination. Right downstairs. Left up top. Counter left by Calanoc. Two minutes to go.

Calanoc waiting for counters, so far not connecting. Esquibel combination. Calanoc low kick. Esquibal again upstairs, they exchange quickly. Head kick blocked. Calanoc moves into the clinch and changes levels against the fence. One minute to go. Calanoc looking for a high-crotch or single-leg. Back to the double. Esquibel stays on her feet and tries to make distance, eating a knee in the process. Front kick by Esquibel after they split. Hard lead right hand in the last few seconds, then a left hook to end the round. 10-9 Esquibel.

Round 2: Lead right hand by Esquibel. Again, then a left hook before the exit. Body shot. Calanoc struggling to catch her coming in. Esquibel left hook. Right hand exchange. One minute in. Overhand right from Esquibel. Calanoc low kick. Flying kick from Esquibel blocked. Left hook around the guard. Body kick lands, Calanoc with a right hook counter. Esquibel combination connects. 2-3 working well for her. Two minutes in. Calanoc low kick. Esquibel left hand. Teep from Esquibel. 3-1 connects for her. Body shots. Calanoc comes up short with her right hand. Calanoc leg kick. Two minutes to go.

Calanoc goes to the leg, Esquibel does the same. Swiping left hook catches Calanoc. Stiff jab. Calanoc low kick. So far her only consistent source of offence. One minute to go. Calanoc focusing on the lead leg. Body kick exchange. Esquibel side kick met by a left hand. Esquibel completes a double-leg, then elects to let Calanoc up. Esquibel with a left hook before the bell. 10-9 Esquibel.

Round 3: Calanoc opens with a leg kick. 1-2 lands. Combination from Esquibel. Body kick to end another combo. Left hook lands. To the body this time. Calanoc leg kick, Esquibel to the body and up high with the left hook. Again. Lead left hook from her. One minute in. Yet again, mixing in the body punches to open the hook. Again. Esquibel can't miss with the left hook. Calanoc low kick. Once again. Esquibel sidesteps a rush. Esquibel front kick. Calanoc combo, ended with a leg kick. Esquibel body-to-head. Two minutes in. Leg kick exchange. Calanoc catches a kick, can't capitalize. Esquibel to the body. Overhand right. Esquibel catches a kick anc completes a takedown near the fence. On top in half guard. Calanoc up to her feet and presses Esquibel briefly against the cage. Two minutes to go.

Counter right from Calanoc after a front kick. Calanoc continuing to target the leg. Brief clinch. Calanoc knee to the body, Esquibel lands a right hand and pushes her back with a teep. One minute to go. Esquibel counter left hook. Calanoc combo, ending as always with the low kick. Counter left hook by Esquibel in responds to a low kick. Esquibel changes levels for a double-leg attempt and leaves her neck out. Calanoc grabs a guillotine and pulls guard. Esquibel toughs it out to the bell. 10-9 Esquibel.

Final result: Esquibel def. Rivera-Canaloc by unanimous decision


Amber Brown vs. Liz McCarthy

Round 1: Brown ties up early. McCarthy moves her to the fence. Brown reverses with the Thai plum. The jockey for a bit before splitting. Back into the clinch and McCarthy again pressing her into the cage. Brown kneeing the body. One minute in. More knees from Brown. McCarthy gets a bodylock but can't complete the takedown. McCarthy latches onto a leg. McCarthy eventually completes the takedown, taking top half guard near the fence. Two minutes in. Full guard. Short shots from both. Two minutes to go.

Brown trying to establish a high guard. McCarthy postures up and lands a few punches before going back down into Brown's guard. One minute to go. Brown fishing for a triangle or armbar. McCarthy steering clear and landing some short ground-and-pound. Brown swinging off her back. Hard right hand from McCarthy. Round ends near the cage. 10-9 McCarthy.

Round 2: Brown opens a cut on McCarthy's eyebrow with a head kick. McCarthy bullies her way into the clinch with punches and takes her to the cage. McCarthy looking for the high-crotch. One minute in. Knee to the body from Brown. Brown defending the takedown well. Brown grabs a loose standing arm-triangle and dicks knees into her exposed side. McCarthy reverses position again, pressing her against the fence. Two minutes in. Powerful knees from the plum by Brown. McCarthy lands a few of her own before they separate. Body kick forces McCarthy to retreat and McCarthy shoots in. McCarthy pulls guard. Two minutes to go.

McCarthy swings for an armbar, going belly-down quickly. Brown hops a leg over her back to defend. One minute to go. Scramble ensues when she gets her arm out, resulting in McCarthy on top in Brown's guard. Short ground-and-pound by McCarthy. Brown trying to strike off her back. Bell, 10-9 Brown.

Round 3: Correction: a knee opened up the cut on McCarthy.

McCarthy blocks some kicks, eats one to the body. Leg kick exchange. Brown body kick, slapping head kick from McCarthy. McCarthy wades into the clinch with punches and takes Brown down into half guard. One minute in. Full guard for Brown. Short shots from Liz. Brown still cuffing her from the bottom. Two minutes in. High guard from Brown. Brown manages to kick Brown away and return to her feet. Two minutes to go.

McCarthy tossing out high kicks, Brown doing the same. McCarthy shoots in. Brown dropping Browne elbows against the fence. Brown sprawls on a takedown and gets better position against the fence. McCarthy reverses. One minute to go. Brown with a knee to the head and high kick when they separate. Front kick from Brown and an intercepting knee as McCarthy shoots. McCarthy completes the takedown into side control. Brown regains guard. McCarthy avoids an armbar attempt and Brown kicks her off before the bell. 10-9 McCarthy.

Final result: Brown def. McCarthy by split decision


Amanda Bell vs. Maria Hougaard Djursaa

Round 1: Bell aggressive early with punches and body kicks. Bell relentless with punches. Djursaa covering up and looking to counter with spinning elbows. Bell blasts her with a right uppercut and Djursaa falls to her back. Bell looking to pound her out. Djursaa threatens a leglock. One minute in. Bell extricates her leg and drops elbows to the body. Hammerfists now. Bell nearly takes mount, but settles for dropping shots from half guard. Djursaa trying to lean into her while taking punishment. Two minutes in. Djursaa continuing to look for sweep opportunities. Bell feeding her a steady diet of shots. Bell accidentally spins herself into a bad position and Djursaa nearly takes her back. Two minutes to go.

Bell regains to position. Djursaa finally gets top position, but gets reversed back into bottom half guard as Bell feeds her elbows and punches. Bell takes mount against the fence. One minute to go. Bell postured up and dropping punches. Djursaa covering up as the punishment continues. Djursaa still trying to improve position, but the referee mercifully saves her in the waning seconds.

Final result: Bell def. Djursaa by TKO (punches)


Andrea Lee vs. Shannon Sinn

Round 1: Sinn pumping her jab. Lee counter right falls short after taking some low kicks. Sinn leg kick. Superman punch by Lee. Sinn continuing with the low kicks. Lee left hook and body kick. Lee gets the Thai plum and lands some knees to the body. Elbow upstairs. Sinn separates. One minute in. 1-2 by Lee falls short. Sinn superman punch falls short. Lee blasts her with a right cross that drops Sinn to her rear. Sinn .attches onto a leg in response. Lee sprawls and locks up an inverted triangle. Lee dropping some strikes while squeezing. Two minutes in. Sinn's head is turning purple. Lee loses the triangle and returns to the front headlock. Lee takes top position, hopping into half guard. Lee cranking a crucifix neck crank, can't get it but still has side control. Two minutes to go.

Sinn gets quarter guard, eats some elbows. More elbows and punches from Lee. Sinn tries to shoot, is again sprawled on. Lee dropping punches and elbows as Sinn tries to press her against the cage. Two good knees to the body land for Lee before the bell. 10-9 Lee.

Round 2: Lee on the front foot. Left hook lands. Overhand right elbow as well. Body kick from Lee, leg kick from Sinn. Stiff jab from Lee. Counter left. One minute in. High kick blocked. Lee opens up with accurate punches on the fence and ties up. Sinn knees the body and takes some short punches before they split. Spinning back kick by Sinn. Two minutes in. Feinting at range. Nice elbow by Lee and knee to the body. Lee enters the clinch with strikes. Knees from Sinn. Lee exits with an elbow. Two minutes to go.

Lee high kick blocked. SInn low kick checked. Body shots from Lee. 1-2 by Sinn connects. Lee kick kick blocked. They trade low kicks. Lee with a right hand around the guard and clinches. Sinn presses her into the fence and knees the body. Lee splits after teasing a takedown. Sinn blocks a high kick. One minute to go. Hard body shots from Lee as they tie up. Sinn pressing her against the cage, kneeing the legs. Round ends in the clinch, 10-9 ee.

Round 3: Lee with a knee to the body. Low kick lands. Teep to the body, Sinn with a body kick. Sinn left hook. Lee low kick answered by one from Sinn. Lee lands a right to the body. One minute in. 1-2 form Sinn. Jab exchange. Lee Superman punch. Sinn's rebuttal is blocked by a left. Lee low kick. Good overhand right kicks off an accurate combination. Two minutes in. Lee digs to the body. Sinn low kick. Sinn tries body shots. Leg kick lands. Lee high kick blocked. Lee digs to the body, eats a right upstairs. Lee overhand blocked. Nice level elbow as they move into the clinch. Sinn pressing her against the fence, Lee looking to land knees. Two minutes to go.

Sinn kneeing the leg and body. Lee tries to trip her down, can't get it. One minute to go. More knees from Sinn. Lee with some heel kicks to the thigh. There's the bell. 10-9 Lee.

Final result: Lee def. Sinn by unanimous decision


Jenny Lou Shriver vs. Jamie Moyle

Round 1: Shriver is walking in to the Samurai Champloo themesong. I know who I'm rooting for now.

Moyle moving forward. Shriver changes levels, gets rebuffed and cracked on the exit. Combination from Moyle. Moyle pressing forward aggressively, tries to open up against the cage. They trade low kicks. Moyle body kick, right hand as it's caught. Moyle knees the body, eats a right hand on the exit. One minute in. Moyle right hand. Moyle moving in with punches, takes a right hand. High kick blocked. Body kick lands, right hand as they separate. Shriver low kick. They trade knees to the body and short punches to the head. Two minutes in. More knees from Moyle, more punches from Shriver. Shriver is wincing from the knees to the body. They've moving about the ring, Moyle driving home knees to the gut. They split. Shriver low kick and another. Body kick, Moyle leg kick. Shriver tries a lead elbow and takes a left hook. Two minutes to go.

They're trading punches near the fence, with Moyle getting the better of it with a powerful left hook. Back to center ring. Moyle nearly connects on a high kick. Back to the clinch, Moyle resumes the knees to the body. Shriver counter right after taking a combination. Right by Shriver. Body shot. One minute to go. Moyle low kick. They trade leg kicks. Moyle clinches and opens up with knees. Shriver tries a spinning elbow on the exit. Front kick puts Shriver on her rear, Moyle presses forward. Shriver pulls guard. Moyle lets her up and lands an overhand right. Bell, 10-9 Moyle.

Round 2: Moyle opens with a 1-2. Low kick exchange. Shriver clinches up. Moyle knees to the body and they jockey near the fence. More knees by Moyle. Two big ones to the head and a head kick from Moyle. Moyle clinches and moves her near the fence. More knees. One minute in. Shriver lands a knee, continues eating them from Moyle. Moyle makes a bit of distance and opens up with punches. Shriver ties up, continues eating knees to the body. Moyle opens up with kicks and punches against the fence. Two minutes in. Moyle walking through Shriver's shots and punishing her with combinations.  Moyle continues striking, but gets taken down by Shriver. Moyle reverses into top position. Side control for Moyle. Two minutes to go.

Short left hands from Moyle. Shriver tries to turn into her, gets flattened back out. Elbows from Moyle. Right hand as Shriver regains half guard. Full guard. Moyle postures up and drops punches, avoiding a sweep. One minute to go. Shriver locks up full guard. More ground-and-pound from Moyle. Shriver latches onto an armbar and it looks deep. Moyle gets her arm free and eats an illegal upkick. They restart. Moyle stands over her, looking to drop punches. Shriver upkick. She rises to try to grab a single-leg and nearly eats a soccer kick. Round ends before she can take Moyle down. 10-9 Moyle.

Round 3: Shriver moves forward, gets clinched and kneed in the body repeatedly. Moyle sneaking a few into the thigh as well. Shriver attempts to pull guard, Moyle lets her up and lands a left hook. Shriver wades in, eats more knees. Big knees to the head from Moyle. Shriver tries a spinning backfist that misses. One minute in. Moyle looking to throw against the fence. Shriver ties up and takes her down into half guard. Moyle quickly locks up an armbar and puts Shriver on her back. Shriver locks her legs around Moyle's head to prevent it. Two minutes in. Moyle gets her head free and continues trying to break her grip. Moyle drops the armbar and hops into mount, dropping ground-and-pound. Shriver regains half guard. Two minutes to go.

Moyle lets her up. Back to the clinch, more brutal knees by Moyle. Shriver falls back for a leglock. Shriver latches onto a heel hook. Moyle gets her leg free and gets the rear waistlock as they stand. One minute to go. Shriver rolls through for another leglock. Moyle looking for one of her own, abandons it and fights Shriver's hands. Bell sounds as Shriver tries to take top position. 10-9 Moyle; dominant performance.

Final result: Moyle def. Shriver by unanimous decision


Kelly McGill vs. Maegan Goodwin

Round 1: Goodwin tosses out a lazy front kick. Inside low kick from McGill met by a punch. McGill front kick to the body, Goodwin answers with a low kick. Nice right hand by Goodwin in combination. One minute in. Goodwin plodding forward, tries to rush with punches and clinches against the cage. Goodwin knees the body and lands an elbow. Two minutes in. McGill reverses position and moves Goodwin into an adjacent section of fence. Goodwin with a right hand on the exit. McGill steps in with a right hand. Two minutes to go.

Goodwin moves in with a series of straight shots. Body kick falls well short. McGill with a body kick. Goodwin Superman punch falls short. Heavy right hand and left hook by McGill connect. One minute to go. Two-punch combination from her. Wheel kick by McGill misses. Goodwin low kick, rush from McGill and they exchange. Goodwin advances with her own shots. Bell, 10-9 Goodwin.

Round 2: McGill rushes in, can't land clean. Body kick. One minute in. Goodwin wades in with shots, clinches up, and lands a knee before McGill separates. Superman punch from McGill. Goodwin showing kicks without authority. Two minutes in. Goodwin attempts a Superman punch, lands a low kick. McGill uppercut inside and Goodwin ties her up against the cage. Goodwin completes the outside trip, but McGill rolls through into top side control. Goodwin back to her feet and clinching on the cage. Two minutes to go.

They split. Goodwin again wades in, McGill gets good position in the clinch this time. Short elbow from Goodwin before they separate. One minute to go. McGill right hand met by a body kick. Another rush from Goodwin. McGill steps in with a powerful 3-2. Goodwin with another blitz in the waning seconds. 10-9 Goodwin.

Round 3: Goodwin tries to press, can't close the distance. Lead right from Goodwin. McGill low kick. Punch exchange in the center. One minute in. Goodwin moves into the clinch, gets tossed, and returns to her feet quickly. Goodwin counter right, McGill cracks her with an overhand. Goodwin wrangles her down but again gets reversed. McGill on top in side control. Two minutes in. Good elbows from Kelly. Ugly cut on Goodwin's forehead. Two minutes to go.

McGill tries to hop over for an arm-triangle but gets caught in side control. Now she moves back into side control but without the choke. Goodwin looking for some kind of inverted triangle. One minute go. McGill pops her head free. Goodwin again tries to wrap up her head, loses it and tries to scramble out. McGill takes her back, but Goodwin reverses into top position. Short slam by Goodwin, but gets tied up via overhook until the bell. 10-9 McGill.

Final result: McGill def. Goodwin by unanimous decision


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