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Ross: 'Scary-looking' Brock Lesnar could make UFC return in 2015, pump up PPV buys

Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC

Wanna do it?

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight titleholder and the man behind this number, Brock Lesnar, is going to have one last window of opportunity, at least as it pertains to his mixed martial arts (MMA) career, when his WWE contract expires next spring.

That's less than six months away.

According to his manager, Lesnar (5-3) has a clean bill of health for the first time in years and would be open to a second run under the ZUFFA banner (see those comments here), after surviving a scare with the purple plague of doom (pic). But is he a legitimate threat to anyone at 265 pounds?

Or just No. 3 on the list of needle movers?

Either way, I can think of at least one current contender who would love to welcome Lesnar back to combat sports (and it's not Fedor). But that would mean "The Beast Incarnate" -- his new nickname in the land of professional wrestling -- would have to surrender his coveted wrasslin' title.

Former WWE announcer turned MMA play-by-play man Jim Ross weighs in with FOX Sports:

"It looks to me like he's gotten back on track. He looks phenomenal strength-wise. He's just scary looking. He's more scary looking than he was before he left [WWE the first time]. I could identify with that diverticulitis and diverticulosis. It's not something you heal from very quickly. Your body has to make major adjustments. I see no reason he couldn't have the potential to return to the UFC and sell pay-per-views."

And if you think it's crazy to have Lesnar come back to the Octagon for a couple of high-profile fights, just remember that Gina Carano -- who never held a title -- was granted an immediate crack at the crown after five years away from MMA (and a brutal loss to Cris Cyborg) -- because she has mainstream popularity and a Ronda Rousey fight would make everyone lots of cash.

Don't hate the player(s), hate the game.

At age 37, this could be Lesnar's last opportunity to come back and finish what he started, now that his diverticulitis has been conquered. Nothing is official at this time, so the haters can wipe their brows, but there is a reason UFC is worth over a billion dollars.

And the PPV business can use all the help it can get.

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