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Wanderlei Silva has a message for UFC: Don't induct me into Hall of Fame, because I won't go

Esther Lin

Would the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Hall of Fame be incomplete without the inclusion of storied mixed martial arts (MMA) veteran and former PRIDE FC champion Wanderlei Silva?

It may not matter.

"The Axe Murderer" doesn't want anything to do with the promotion's hallowed halls, after a bitter falling out with the sport he helped make famous. While his unceremonious exit is partly due to his run in with Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC), Silva is not looking back.

From his conversation with Submission Radio.

"No, no, no. For me, it's done. I (will) not fight anymore. For anyone. I don't want (it). If the guys invite me I won't accept, because my Hall of Fame is my fans. My fans are the Hall of Fame. Not him. He does not decide who goes into the Hall of Fame. The fans decide. He can't decide everything. No. The guys go to the Hall of Fame just for him (laughs). No way man, I don't accept. If the guy is asking me, I don't go."

As for his relationship with UFC President Dana White, who Pete Rose'd him just last month?

Silva insists they share a mutual respect, and the Brazilian is not upset over his career earnings (see the grand total here). But all that talk about screwing fighters was directed toward the younger generation, like former UFC bantamweight champion Renan Barao, among others.

Regarding the NSAC? The "war" has just begun...

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