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Alexander Gustafsson fires back at UFC fans for 'stupid comments' about his Swedish team mates

Esther Lin

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight contender Alexander Gustafsson heard the feedback from mixed martial arts (MMA) fans following the carnage at the UFC Fight Night 53 Fight Pass event last Saturday (Oct. 4, 2014) in Sweden (results here).

And he is not impressed.

"The Mauler" released a statement on his official app (via MMA Junkie), taking fans to task for some of the "stupid comments" they made about his Swedish team mates, some of whom had a rough outing inside the Ericsson Globe Arena in Stockholm.

Here's a snip:

"You have to be a fighter or a top athlete to be able to understand all we go through and sometimes we win and sometimes we lose, but we ALWAYS do our best. And then having your own fans criticizing you after a loss with stupid comments and saying that you suck about your performance when 99% of them have no experience of the sport in real life, that's not the way to support your fighters. No misunderstanding, we love the support we get from all of you, but we cannot become the worst fighters in the world after a loss when we the fight before were the best fighters in the world. We had a bad night last evening, but my team mates are still the worlds best mma fighters. I train with Ilir Latifi, I know he is a beast, I know how hard he prepared himself for this fight, but last night was not his night and he will come out of this much stronger. Niklas Backstrom, all of you fans have said he is the next star of Swedish MMA, I agree, he is a supertalent. Now I read everywhere that he is weak, he has no jaw and other stupid things. He got hit by a overhand and got knocked out, could happen to anyone. Tor Troeng is an experienced and a smart fighter, he fought well and sometimes it is just not your night, someone just for that night is better than you."

In other words, cool it with the fighter bashing.

No less than four Swedish competitors were in action at UFC Fight Night 53 -- all from the ALLSTARS Training Center -- including Ilir Latifi, Niklas Backstrom, Magnus Cedenblad, and Tor Troeng. Unfortunately, only Cedenblad escaped with a win.

Did I mention Gustafsson has his own app?

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