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Read War Machine letter claiming Christy Mack 'got what she deserved' and could have been shot to death in Texas

This is probably not the kind of stuff his defense attorney wants to hear.

Bellator MMA

Hey, you know that guy War Machine?

He's the former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) prospect-turned-Bellator MMA attraction that neither promotion wants to be associated with. Probably because he's looking at hard time for busting up his ex-girlfriend in an alleged case of felony domestic assault (details here).

Something she "deserved."

That's according to a letter he allegedly wrote from jail, which just so happened to end up in the hands of TMZ (of course). Not only does it suggest Christy Mack had it coming -- along with second victim Corey Thomas -- "Machine" also insists he could have gotten away with shooting them both, had they been in Texas.

Because it would have been ruled a "crime of passion."

"Even if I wasn't ambushed they still would have got what they deserved! In Texas you could have shot them both and got off with that 'passion crime' shit. I can only speculate on how'd I would have reacted if I would have only caught them in bed, but that don't even matter cuz dude jumped me!"


As with every criminal case in the United States, the accused are presumed innocent until proven guilty. That's why it's so important for someone facing trial to watch what they say before taking the stand, lest the prosecution twist those words to help further its case.

The unverified letter -- which you can read in its entirety right here -- is unlikely to help his not guilty plea.

War Machine -- born Jon Koppenhaver -- returns to court later this month in Las Vegas, Nevada (more on that here). Mack, who continues to undergo multiple surgeries to correct injuries sustained in the alleged attack, is expected to testify on her own behalf.

Find out how she's doing right here.

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