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Video: Josh Grispi's wife tells Dr. Phil her haunted house is to blame for 'Fluke' domestic abuse

Um, okay.

I've heard of the insanity plea ... not sure I've ever seen the haunted house defense.

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) featherweight Josh Grispi is behind bars after what authorities called "the worst case of domestic abuse they've ever seen." In addition to being charged with the beating of his wife Kaitlyn, "The Fluke" also trained the family dog to attack her on command.

But as she told Dr. Phil (via it was A) her fault and B) blown way out of proportion.

"I would describe Josh as a great father, a great husband, a caring husband and a hard worker. Josh is a really loving, sweet person. My husband Josh does not belong in jail. He's not normal, but he's safe to be outside. The police are trying to blow out of a proportion a family fight because Josh is with the UFC. The first times we started getting physical were actually my fault. I pushed Josh into getting really angry because I would not stop talking. When Josh hit me I did end up with a black eye and a bloody lip."

Their children are currently in custody of Kaitlyn's mother.

Prior to his arrest, Grispi sent his wife horrific text messages (read them), promising to find pleasure in her slow, painful death. And that doesn't even take into account the drugs and weapons found at his residence at the time of arrest (full report here).

It gets worse.

In addition to placing some of the blame on herself, which is not uncommon in cases of domestic violence, Kaitlyn also attributed her husband's bizarre behavior to their haunted house. Meaning, evil spirits were messing with Grispi's mind and causing him to act irrationally.

The only good news to this story is that Dr. Phil and Co. are paying for her psychological treatment.

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