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Report: Paulo Filho undergoes surgery after getting shot in Brazil


Former World Extreme Cagefighting (WEC) middleweight champion and current Bitetti Combat punching bag Paulo Filho is back in the news this week. Unfortunately, it has nothing to do with his mixed martial arts (MMA) career, as "Ely" took a bullet while partying in Brazil and was forced into surgery.

MMA Fighting has bits and pieces:

[Filho] had a discussion with a man during a party in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and was shot in the leg by a man when he left the house. Filho was rushed to the Miguel Couto hospital and underwent surgery, but his current status is still unknown as multiple contacts made by to Filho and his family went unanswered.

Hopefully he makes a full recovery.

But even if he does, things have been looking fairly grim for the fading fighter, who at one time was considered one of the most dangerous combatants at 185 pounds, holding wins over Chael Sonnen, Kazuo Misaki, and Murilo Rua. Filho was last seen dropping a decision to the unheralded Andre Muniz back in February.


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