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UFC Quick Quote: Las Vegas MMA judges should do everyone a favor and kill themselves

And we're all invited to the funeral!


"You can definitely quote me on this: The Las Vegas, Nevada, Athletic Commission's MMA judges should do everyone a favor and kill themselves and invite everyone to the funeral. The fight against Russell Doane, that was blasphemy, man! I watched that fight so many times, and I just cannot see how I lost that fight."

Color me reactionary, but I get this strange feeling that Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) featherweight Marcus Brimage is still sour about his split-decision loss to Russell Doane last July in Las Vegas, Nevada. I dunno, just a hunch. But the "Bama Beast" told Bleacher Report he plans on snapping his two-fight skid by not allowing the judges to have a say in his upcoming fight against Jumabieke Tuerxun at the UFC Fight Night 55: "Rockhold vs. Bisping" event on Fight Pass, slotted for Sat., Nov. 8, 2014 at AllPhones Arena in Sydney, Australia. If they do, well ... he might want to keep that whole suicide thing to himself "Down Under" ... lest he find out what a real kangaroo court looks like.

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