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Michael Bisping responds to Luke Rockhold's 'amateur' philosophy: I was put on this Earth to be a fighter

So go back and get a psychology degree if you want to analyze people better, Rocky.

Matt King

Luke Rockhold recently said that while he was analyzing Michael Bisping's pre-fight habits, he realized that "The Count" doesn't really enjoy fighting.

That's the reason, according to Rockhold, Bisping creates so much controversy before each match. It's also why Bisping has to hype himself up by slapping himself in the face before stepping inside the Octagon, trying to get himself riled up before doing something he really isn't interested in doing.

That simple "amateur philosophy," according to Bisping -- who emphatically shot down Rockhold's best efforts to be a psychologist -- who countered that not only does he enjoy combat sports, but he was put on planet Earth to be a cage fighter.

His words (during today's recent UFC Fight Night 55 media conference call):

"Okay, it's clearly obvious that if you've been analyzing me, you don't have a psychology degree, so, quit your amateur philosophy. Listen, I love fighting, I truly love it. That's why I do it. Nobody puts a gun to my head and makes me fight. I don't do it out of necessity and I don't do it because I have to do it, for the money or anything like that. I choose to. I truly love doing this. I've been doing this since I was eight years old. At eight years old, I first walked into a jiu-jitsu gym and at the end of it, we put the gloves on and started boxing and that is what set my imagination on fire and it kept me going to the gym every single time. That's why I always show up in great shape for my fights because I love to spar. Sparring is my favorite part of this. I never shy away from any challenges. I love fighting, I fell alive when I do it. it puts a smile on my face and i was put on this planet to be a fighter. The guy is clutching at straws, at best, with that comment."

Call me crazy, but if someone has been doing something for more than 27 years, it's safe to say he or she enjoys it ... just a little bit.

Still, "The Count" clearly isn't impressed with Rockhold's analysis of him.

Perhaps when they finally settle their differences inside the Octagon at UFC Fight Night 55 -- which goes down from Allphones Arena in Sydney, Australia, on Nov. 8, 2014 -- Rockhold can get a first-hand, up-close evaluation as to whether or not his initial hypothesis was indeed correct.


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