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UFC Fight Night 55: Luke Rockhold says Michael Bisping doesn't really like fighting

But that doesn't mean "The Count" won't do whatever it takes to get the win, according to the former Strikeforce champion.

Victor Fraile

Just because Michael Bisping is one of the best mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters in the game today, doesn't mean he necessarily enjoys fighting.

That's according to former Strikeforce middleweight champion and current Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) contender, Luke Rockhold.

Appearing on a recent edition of The MMA Hour, Rockhold put on his psychologist cap and declared that "The Count" isn't much of a fan of the fight game, which is why the British brawler tries so hard to hype himself before a bout.

His analysis:

"I believe he hypes himself up. I don't think he really enjoys fighting. You see him hype himself up, trying to create all the controversy before the fight. Even when he's walking to the cage -- I study my opponents a lot and see how they carry themselves -- you see him, he's psyching himself up just to get in cage, slapping himself, yelling and screaming and getting into the cage and stomping around. I'm truly into fighting, he seems like he's kind of tense and all stressed out. He'll fight to the bitter end and take punches and do everything to win. I admire that and I respect all that, but I don't think he really enjoys fighting like I do, that's what I'm going to do, I'm going to go in there and enjoy myself and get the win."

Or maybe Bisping just likes the benefits that come with fighting professionally?

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Nevertheless, "The Count" has proven time and again that he -- regardless if he likes to hit other people in the face or not -- is pretty good at this MMA thing.

And if Michael truly doesn't like going toe-to-toe with another man, you can bet Rockhold will do everything in his power to make him dislike it a bit more when the two talented middleweights square off in the main event of UFC Fight Night 55, which goes down from the Allphones Arena in Sydney, Australia, on November 8, 2014.

Your pick?

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