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UFC Quick Quote: Anderson 'Spider-Man' Silva wants to be as good an actor as he is an MMA fighter

Matthew Stockman

"I want to do this as well as I've done in [fighting]. It's something that's always been with me. I'm going for that. I'm studying. [I have] a few movies already in production in Los Angeles. It's something I always wanted to do when I was a kid. I thought I was Spider-Man."

-- Anderson Silva is no stranger to racking up the wins inside the Octagon, but the former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight titleholder has been quietly building himself a nice little acting resume over the past few years. Though his films haven't exactly been can't-miss blockbusters (sample here), "The Spider" is slowly cementing his presence in Hollywood. Speaking during a recent press confrence (via FOX Sports), Silva says his plan is to become as good an actor as he is a mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter. That's quite a hefty goal, as Anderson is widely known as the best MMA fighter of all time. By those standards, that means he'll likely need a few pieces of hardware from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences if he wants to equal the level of success he had inside the cage. And who's to say he can't? After all, he lives in L.A. and says he is dedicating his time to studying acting and learning the English language a bit more, any chance he gets. And if the man who spent some of his early career as one of the lesser-known stars of the famed Chute Boxe Academy and then went on to dominate the MMA world, there's no telling what he can do in the movie business in the years to come. Right?

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