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GIF: Watch Karl Etherington fall down for no reason, lose to Bobby Lashley in wacky TKO finish at Bellator 130

Bobby Lashley has now won five in a row, including two under the Bellator banner in the past six weeks. His most recent victory, a technical knockout finish over jacked British import Karl Etherington, was a bit of a head scratcher, however, as the previously undefeated "Wrecking Machine" -- a judo black belt -- appeared to trip over his own two feet. Then once he flopped to the floor, he made no effort to get up or scramble, and just covered up while the part-time pro wrestler cracked his coconut. Bizarre. See who else picked up a win -- sans stage dive -- in our Bellator 130 results and play-by-play thread right here. Big thanks to Zombie Prophet for the GIF.

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