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Bellator 130 LIVE results stream

Bellator 130: "Newton vs. Vassell" takes place TONIGHT (Fri., Oct. 24, 2014) at the Kansas Star Arena in Mulvane, Kansas. Tonight's main event sees "The Hardcore Kid" Emanuel Newton defend his light heavyweight title for the second time in two months against "The Swarm" Linton Vassell. Other televised fights include Rick Hawn vs. Dave Jasen, the return of Bobby Lashley, and even the Bellator debut of Marloes Coenen. Real-time results begin with "prelim" fights at 7 p.m. ET!

Bellator 130: "Newton vs. Vassell" takes place TONIGHT (Fri., Oct. 24, 2014) at the Kansas Star Arena in Mulvane, Kansas, with the eighth event of Bellator's eleventh season.

Sparks will fly in the main event as spinning backfist sensation Emanuel Newton tries to prove he's more "Hardcore" than his British opponent Linton Vassell. Vassell is on a nine-fight winning streak that includes choking out Virgil Zwicker this summer, but the defending champion has strung together six of his own and just knocked out Joey Beltran last month.

The co-main event has title contender implications as former tournament winners Dave Jansen and Rick "Genghis" Hawn square off at lightweight. With Michael Chandler and "Ill" Will Brooks fighting to determine the true Bellator champion next week following the departure of Eddie Alvarez, the winner of this fight can certainly claim the No. 2 spot behind Marcin Held and be ready to step up for a shot at any time.

Spike TV opens the broadcast with a couple of fights to hook the casual viewer. Fighter and pro wrestler Bobby Lashley will square off at heavyweight with undefeated knockout artist Karl "The Wrecking Machine" Etherington, and former Strikeforce champion Marloes Coenen makes her Bellator debut against kickboxer Annalisa Bucci. will be here all night long to bring you LIVE Bellator 130 results below, including quick results of the under card action on (7 p.m. ET), as well as play-by-play updates of the Spike TV broadcast that starts at 9 p.m. ET.

Many readers check in before, during and after the fights to share their thoughts on all of the action. Feel free to leave a comment (or 130) about the bouts before you leave and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it's always a lot of fun!


Main Card (Spike TV):

Emanuel Newton (c) vs. Linton Vassell: Newton retains via sub (RNC) at 0:47 in R5.

Bobby Lashley vs. Karl Etherington: Lashley via sub (strikes) at 1:31 in R1.

Marloes Coenen vs. Annalisa Bucci: Coenen via sub (RNC) at 0:57 of R3.

Dave Jansen vs. Rick Hawn: Jansen via UD 29-28 and 30-27 X2.

Preliminary Card (

Ricky Musgrave vs. Joe Wilk: Musgrave via TKO at 2:45 of R1.

Marcio Navarro vs. Cody Carillo: Navarro via sub (strikes) at 2:09 of R3.

Gzim Selmani vs. Daniel Gallemore: Gallemore via TKO at 4:33 of R2.

Sam Oropeza vs. Gary Tapusoa: Oropeza via TKO at 2:31 of R1.

Darrion Caldwell vs. Anthony Dizy: Caldwell via UD 30-27 X3.

Aaron Derrow vs. Nate Jolly: Derrow via UD 29-29 X3.

Derek Bohi vs. Alex Huddleston: Huddleston via TKO at 4:04 of R1.

David Rickels vs. Davi Ramos: Unaired on


Emanuel Newton vs. Linton Vassell

Round 1: Vassell is in the lime green trunks and Newton the white. Our referee in charge is "Big" John McCarthy. Vassell does a good job for the first 90 seconds of staying just out of range, and Newton is being a whirling dervish as usual. Both fighters seem patient, not bouncing around much or charging at eeach other. Newton gets a takedown at 2:18 but is out of position and Vassell gets right back up, getting a single leg of his own and moving to full mount at 2:48. Newton gives up his back looking to get up. Newton keeps his chin tucked but Vasssell pulls him to the ground and puts on a body lock. Newton escapes but Vassell gets the back again on a kimura sweep. Newton gets up again at 3:50. Vassell blocks a guillotine attempt and lands in half guard when Newton goes to his back. Vassell with a hard left elbow to the jaw. Newton gives up his back again and Vassell has another full mount at 4:37 but loses it and Newton takes his back with short time. Wild first round but I give it to Vassell 10-9.

Round 2: Newton tries to slam Vassell at 26 seconds but he's happy to take the neck. His grip slips and Newton winds up on top but Vassell grabs a kimura and cranks on it hard. Newton doesn't tap, Vassell has the full mount, but he loses is as Newton goes for a single leg. Newton works for the back as Jimmy Smith speculates about the arm damage Newton may have suffered by not tapping out - it was really close. 2 minutes gone in R2. Vassell sweeps to side control at 2:15. He's landing reverse right elbows to Newton's jaw, and reverse left elbows to the body. Newton rolls to his side looking for an escape. Vassell gets a full mount and takes the back. Vassell loses a hook and gets it back with a minute left and he's going for another rear naked choke. He loses it as Newton turns out but Vassell has another full mount with 30 seconds to go. Back door escape by Newton and he takes Vassell's back, throwing hard lefts and rights. Another 10-9 Vassell but Newton came on strong late.

Round 3: Newton lands a spinning body kick to open R3, and another to the chest. Vassell takes a kick to the cup at 0:59 and Big John gives him time to recover. Newton is warned to "watch where it goes" as the crowd in the Kansas Star Arena chants LET'S GO ROY-ALS during the timeout. Vassell is 18 of 26 on ground strikes landed, Newton 10 of 10. Newton with an over the top right, and another, and Newton goes for a waist cinch takedown then locks on to Vassell's back as he tries to block Newton getting the hooks in. Newton tries to punish him with right hands to the head. Vassell tries to go for a kimura but Newton takes half guard and punishes the body. 3:30 as Newton takes the back again. Vassell pushes him back to half guard. Vassell sweeps to side control at 3:58. Newton quickly gets to his knees and Vassell loses the dominant position. Newton stands at 4:26. Newton ends up on the bottom on a body lock takedown attempt but rolls around so Vassell can't find a target on top in full mount. I like Newton 10-9 in this round.

Round 4: Newton has a takedown in the first 30 seconds of R4. Vassell is trying to buck him off unsuccessfully. 1:30. Newton grinds away from half guard as Big John warns him to watch the back of the head. Newton is landing hard forearms and elbows on top. The cardio is paying dividends for Newton right now. McCarthy calls for more work and Newton immediately responds. Vassell just can't get Newton off - getting him back to full guard is all he can do. 3:30. Hammerfists by Newton. Vassell doesn't look like he enjoyed the elbow he just ate. McCarthy wants more action at 4:04 but warns Newton "for the last time" about shots to the back of the head as he takes Vassell's back. To be fair though he also warns Vassell "not to turn into it" to intentionally make it an illegal shot. A dominant R4 for Newton. He gives Vassell an additional warning after the round ends.

Round 5: Vassell goes for a takedown right away on the advice of his corner but Newton sprawls effectively to block it and spins to the back at 42 seconds and SECONDS LATER VASSELL TAPS OUT TO A REAR NAKED CHOKE.

Final result: Emanuel Newton wins via submission (rear naked choke) at 0:47 in the fifth and final round.


Bobby Lashley vs. Karl Etherington

Round 1: The undefeated "Wrecking Machine" Etherington is in the red trunks, Lashley is in the black. Our referee in charge is Rob Hinds. The two heavyweights tie up early and Lashley pushes Etherington into the fence before taking a knee to the cup at 48 seconds, making Hinds call time. Hinds tells him he's got time to recover but Lashley wants to restart quickly, so Hinds goes over to give Etherington a verbal warning. Etherington comes forward throwing rights and now he puts Lashley on the fence. Etherington slips or Lashley makes him fall but either way Lashley jumps on him throwing hard and left right hands until Rob Hinds waves it off due to Etherington's tap. Sean Wheelock is utterly perplexed until the replay and sees that Etherington slipped trying to judo throw Lashley.

Final result: Bobby Lashley finishes Karl Etherington via submission (strikes) at 1:31 in the first round.


Marloes Coenen vs. Annalisa Bucci

Round 1: Bucci is in the blue trunks for her U.S./Bellator debut all the way from Italy. Coenen is in the black trunks for her Bellator debut, fighting out of the Netherlands. Our referee is "Big" John McCarthy. Coenen charges forward, lands one strike, and gets a takedown at 0:07. By 26 seconds she has the back with both hooks in. Coenen rides the back of the overwhelmed Bucci as she tries to find an escape, and as Coenen goes for a triangle Bucci winds up on top in closed guard. Bucci is unable to posture up and land any effective shots. Coenen sits up at 2:50 and could either crank the neck or take the back. McCarthy stands them up with 3:18 gone. Coenen quickly bulls Bucci into the cage. Coenen with another takedown off the level change at 4:10. Coenen spins looking for an arm submission with short time left and the bell saves Bucci. 10-9 Coenen.

Round 2: Coenen lands a 1-2 combo to open the round and body locks a takedown at the 20 second mark. Bucci holds on for her life but Coenen lands a hammerfist whenever she gets free. McCarthy calls for work and Coenen stands on and passes to side at 1:25. At 1:40 she has the back and then goes for a triangle again, letting Bucci on top. Even off her back Coenen is landing more strikes than Bucci. Coenen sits up at 2:28 and then sweeps at 2:39. Coenen is trying to get the left arm and Bucci is holding her own wrist to block it, so Coenen takes the back looking for a rear naked. Bucci turns on top at 3:20. McCarthy calls for work at 4:10. He tells Bucci to improve at 4:35. It's another 10-9 round for Coenen because Bucci did nothing even when she was on top.

Round 3: Coenen has another takedown 14 seconds into R3. Coenen has the rear naked choke and Bucci taps out just before the minute mark.

Final result: Marloes Coenen wins via submission (rear naked choke) at 0:57 in R3.


Dave Jansen vs. Rick Hawn

Round 1: Jansen is in the black trunks and Hawn the white. Our referee in charge is Rob Hinds. Jansen lands the first kick, and the next two that follow. Both fighters are keeping their distance with the hands. Hawn throws Jansen to the ground at 1:15 but lets him back up. Hawn is starting to find the range to land counters when Jansen kicks. 2:20 gone in the first. Hawn's left leg is taking a lot of shots, both inside and outside. Jansen goes up high with a kick but doesn't land it - he just wants Hawn to know he can throw it out. He does it again at 3:56. Hawn tries to catch a kick at 4:14 and Jansen wriggles out. 10-9 opening round for Jansen.

Round 2: Jansen's strategy hasn't changed much in R2 - he's still working the leg kicks and keeping Hawn at a distance. Jansen attacks the right leg when Hawn switches stances. Hawn is landing a stiff right hand here and there but the volume of strikes landed is favoring Jansen. Hawn catches a kick and drives Jansen back to the fence at 2:29 but can't keep him there. The shots Hawn is landing have swelled Jansen's right eye. Jansen is slowly getting a little closer in range and occasionally attacking with his hands. Hawn with a solid jab to the face at 4:08. Jansen with a switch kick that looks like it touched the jaw. Another 10-9 round for Jansen.

Round 3: Jansen lands a good left hook 36 seconds into R3 and momentarily has Hawn against the fence. He easily backs away from Hawn's double left jab. Kicks continue to land. 49-0 on kicks landed on the Bellator stat line courtesy CompuStrike. Hawn is having to bounce around a lot - he looks uncomfortable putting weight on his left leg. The only thing that could hurt Jansen know is if he throws so many kicks he breaks his own foot or leg. The crowd is nonplussed at 3:25 after having seen the same thing for 12 minutes and change. Jansen never relents and picks up his third straight round en route to what should be a unanimous decision.

Final result: The judges score this contest 29-28 and 30-27 X2 all for the winner Dave Jansen.


Ricky Musgrave vs. Joe Wilk

Round 1: Both fighters have on red trunks but Wilk also has the red tape on his gloves. Wilk gets a takedown 45 seconds in. Musgrave gets back up as we pass two minutes then explodes with punches and knees and has Wilk hurt with the knee, getting on top and throwing lots of right elbows. McCarthy warns Wilk to fight back and waves it off at 2:45. Wilk is slow to get up after the fight.

Final result: Ricky Musgrave wins via TKO at 2:45 of the first round.


Marcio Navarro vs. Cody Carillo

Round 1: Carillo is in the purple trunks and Navarro the white. Carillo is a flurry of strikes until Navarro goes for a single leg that doesn't work, leaving them standing in the center at 0:55. Carillo is circling and bouncing like a boxer. Carillo really puts together combos - 5 to 6 strikes at a time. Navarro's only answer so far is leg kicks. He finally closes the distance at 2:40 with some shots, then knocks him to the ground with a leg leg. Carillo tries and tries to land an upkick. Carillo has some blood coming from his nose as he gets back up. Spinning back kick by Carillo misses. Carillo rocks Navarro with a left at 4:14 and he JUST stays standing. 10-9 Carillo but you wouldn't know it looking at blood alone.

Round 2: Navarro uses leg kicks again early in R2 trying to slow Carillo down. Navarro with a good left at 0:52 and a hard left kick to the body. Rob Hinds calls time at 1:50 as Navarro lands an errant kick to the cup. Hinds warns Navarro he'll take a point if it happens again. Navarro is trying to cut Carillo off and back him to the fence but he always manages to rotate away. He does eat a big right hand at 2:50 though. Navarro is landing the right more and more often and making Carillo watch for the kicks. Carillo body locks to put a stop to that. Navarro goes for an outside trip and doesn't quite get it. They break with under a minute to go. Navarro got the better of most exchanges and was hurting Carillo late in the round - 10-9 to Navarro.

Round 3: Navarro has found his range and is pressing the advantage now in R3. Carillo is no longer easily able to move to either side and get away, and Navarro's kicks are slowing Carillo down even more. Two minutes into R3 and Carillo has become a punching bag. 10 seconds later it's all over as Carillo taps before Hinds can wave it off.

Final result: Marcio Navarro wins via tapout (strikes) submission at 2:09 of the third round.


Gzim Selmani vs. Daniel Gallemore

Round 1: "Big" John McCarthy is our ref for these big boys, who both came in at 264.9 at the weigh-ins yesterday. Selmani goes for and gets a takedown immediately. He's in the red trunks and Gallemore the blue. Selmani has the top of his head sliced open after a minute of ground and pound. The blood is staining the canvas between the Gold Bond and Monster Energy logos. Gallemore is trying to push off the fence with his feet and Gallemore finally gets back up at 2:27. McCarthy gives a warning for grabbing the fence. Selmani is pouring on lefts and rights against the fence and his legs are wobbly. 3:30. Gallemore lands a knee that hurts Selmani. Gallemore is bleeding under his left eye. Gallemore turns Selmani into the fence for foot stomps and body shots. Selmani has to cover up and then lands a few knees with his back to the fence. A slobberknocker heavyweight round that Selmani takes 10-9.

Round 2: Both men are more conservative to open R2, although Gallemore is the one who takes the center and pushes Selmani toward the fence. Gallemore lands some looping rights and misses with a wild uppercut. Selmani is breathing hard. Selmani tries to get a muay thai plum for a knee then changes tactics and drops levels, taking Gallemore down at 1:48, passing to side control. Selmani spins all the way around looking for a North-South choke. Gallemore gets out of the choke but Selmani is in side control. McCarthy calls for work at 3:02 and 3:10. He stands them up at 3:24. Gallemore connects with a left jab then throws a big right. He hurts Selmani with a right at 4:13 then pours it on against the fence with head and body, and McCarthy waves it off 20 seconds later.

Final result: Daniel Gallemore wins via TKO at 4:33 of the second round.


Sam Oropeza vs. Gary Tapusoa

Round 1: Tapusoa is in the white trunks, Oropeza is in the black. Tapusoa sits on one knee until the bell rings then charges in to the center. Oropeza immediately goes for kicks to the body and the leg. You can hear the thud all the way from Kansas. After 90 seconds of it Tapusoa looks miserable. Oropeza takes the back and pulls Tapusoa down, then really unloads with short range elbows. The ref waves it off via TKO just after the halfway point.

Final result: Sam Oropeza wins via TKO at 2:31 of the first round.


Darrion Caldwell vs. Anthony Dizy

Round 1: Both fighters are in black trunks for tonight's fight. Caldwell has red tape on his gloves and Dizy the blue. Caldwell has a takedown almost immediately. Dizy tries to get back up and almost gives up full mount. Caldwell finally gets him on his back again at 2:06 in half guard. He gets both legs over to side control at 2:27 but Dizy explodes to shake him loose for just a second, and Caldwell pulls him back down to the ground again. Caldwell's wrestling is relentless. Every time Dizy tries to escape Caldwell cuts him off at the pass. Caldwell lands some good elbows in the last half minute as his corner calls for damage - they're right in front of his team against the fence. 10-9 Caldwell.

Round 2: Caldwell goes for a guillotine but can't get it and gives up the top position to Dizy, who pops his head free at 1:25. Caldwell is warned not to grab the cage with his foot. Caldwell does a pretty good job of tying Dizy up and Rob Hinds calls for more improvement at 3:10. Caldwell gets back up with 3:25 gone in R2. Dizy drops levels looking for a takedown but ends up giving up his back. Hinds calls for improvement again at 4:33. The refs seem super jumpy tonight in Mulvane. I give R2 to Dizy 10-9.

Round 3: Dizy is giving chase to open R3. Caldwell dives for a takedown and Dizy sprawls to block it. Dizy goes for a single leg and Caldwell ends up on his back again with one hook in as we pass the minute mark. Caldwell pulls Dizy away from the fence and rolls to side control at 2:02, but Dizy butt scoots his way to the fence. Caldwell takes his back again rather than let him back up, then flattens him again and gets half guard, throwing lefts at Dizy's head. Dizy looks to be gassing - his mouth is wide open and he's breathing hard. I'd be tired too after grappling with Caldwell for 15 minutes. Rob Hinds calls for improvement with 1:09 to go in the fight. Since Dizy doesn't get back up in the last minute Caldwell should take a unanimous 29-28. Dizy lost his mouthpiece late during the round and got cut up to boot.

Final result: All three judges score it 30-27 for Darrion "The Wall" Caldwell.


Aaron Derrow vs. Nate Jolly

Round 1: This fight was changed to a catch weight of 159 lbs. Derrow is in the red and Jolly is in the black trunks. Derrow takes the center control early and forces Jolly to work at distance, but he regains the  range and lands a big right at 58 seconds, then shoots in and tries to drag Jolly to the ground. They break at 1:39 with no one gaining an advantage. Jolly continues to attack with looping overhand strikes. 2:30 and Derrow has the center again throwing leg kicks, and he drops Jolly with a left hook but he pops right back up. Derrow jumps on and pushes him into the fence. The ref calls for work at 3:20 and again at 3:30. He resets them at 3:38. Derrow with knees to the body when he gets in close, but Jolly makes him trip and get off balance - and doesn't pound. Jolly lands a good right hand late to end R1.

Round 2: Derrow and Jolly trade heavily for the first 10-20 seconds of R1 before settling down. Jolly clinches up and gets a takedown from bodylock at 0:56. Derrow's back up to his feet before the 2 minute mark, but the ref is unimpressed as they battle on the fence. Derrow escapes a single leg attempt at 2:12. Jolly gets another takedown at 3:08 and tries to mount but Derrow keeps him in guard and tries to gp for an omoplata although the ref warns Derrow to keep his toes out of the cage. He loses it and Jolly jumps back on after with 40 seconds left landing hard rights. I give R1 10-9 to Derrow and R2 10-9 to Jolly.

Round 3: Jolly is tagged with an uppercut 50 seconds into R3. Jolly responds with hooks and gets a takedown at 1:46 but Derrow pops right back up. Derrow with knees to the body against the fence as the ref calls for work twice. They break on their own at 2:25. Jolly goes for a takedown as we pass 3 minutes and Derrow nearly has a standing guillotine. The overly anxious ref restarts them in the center at 3:32 when nothing happens for a couple seconds. He calls for work again at 4:25 when Derrow has Jolly against the fence. Jolly pushes him back to the center at 4:40 and tries a takedown but Derrow sweeps to the top and throws wild rights and slams him to the ground from the top 3 times before the horn. I give Derrow the round and the fight.

Final result: Aaron Derrow gets a unanimous 29-28 decision from all three judges.


Derek Bohi vs. Alex Huddleston

Round 1: Bohi is in the black trunks and Huddleston the red. Huddleston and Bohi trade kicks early. Huddleston has already beaten Bohi in a previous encounter, but both are now making their Bellator debut. Bohi drops for a takedown at 1:15 and Huddleston sprawls and drives knees into him until spinning to the back. Huddleston is landing some heavy right hands from there. Bohi finally turns to his back and gets Huddleston into his guard. Bohi tries to spin and get back up, and he's on his knees at 3 minutes but Huddleston has his back again. Huddleston was a half step away from full mount but instead takes the back again and stings Bohi with a right hand at 3:55. It's in danger of being stopped and at 4:05 Huddleston finally gets the TKO. Bobby Lashley (in Huddleston's corner) applauds the performance.

Final result: Alex "The Shaved Gorilla" Huddleston wins via TKO at 4:04 of the first round.


David Rickels vs. Davi Ramos

Final result: Unknown. This swing bout was unaired on and occurred after live fights on Spike TV.


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