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Bethe Correia accuses Miesha Tate of phony call out designed to steal 'Pitbull's' world-famous attention

Because who doesn't love the spotlight?

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Miesha Tate sure loves attention.

That's according to Bethe Correia, who says "Cupcake" will resort to calling her out to a fight, just to take her shine and attention away from her.

Not one to back down from a challenge, Bethe says if "Cupcake" is looking for trouble, she has found it. But, the Brazilian bomber warns Tate that if she's going to lay the gauntlet down for a stand-up battle, she better not back out once they're locked inside the Octagon.

Her words to MMA Fighting:

"I don't know why she put herself into this story. I think she saw all the attention I was receiving. Tate had two chances against Ronda and lost both twice. She saw that I'm closer to a title shot, so she wants to use that attention. I don't run from a challenge. The whole world knows who I am. Tate's looking for trouble, and she found it. I will fight her if that's what the UFC wants, and I will beat her in a way that the whole world knows that Rousey has to be next."

Should a fight between the two bantamweights be made, Correia advises Tate to find a better mouthpiece to guard her grill because her fists will be aiming right for the kisser.

"Tate does have good grappling, but she challenged me to a stand-up war. I hope she doesn't run away. I won't run away from the ground because I train a lot of jiu-jitsu and judo, and I believe in my skills, but I love to put my hand on someone's face, especially when someone challenges me. Tell her to find a better mouthpiece. I hope she comes here to brawl."

For Bethe, it doesn't matter who she fights next, though she'd love nothing more than to get a crack at division champion Ronda Rousey after previously taking out two of her teammates. Still, the confident striker is more than happy to fight every female on the UFC roster to get to the promised land.

But if Tate is indeed next, she plans on beating her up so convincingly that UFC matchmakers will have no choice but to give her a title shot.

After Cat Zingano, of course.

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