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Report: NSAC has no plans to drug test Vitor Belfort ahead of UFC title fight against Chris Weidman

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Esther Lin

Hey, remember when Vitor Belfort promised the folks at the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) -- at their insistence -- that he would not fight anywhere outside of "Sin City" until he first competed in Las Vegas and passed all mandatory drug tests?


The commission has not -- and likely will not -- be testing "The Phenom" ahead of his Chris Weidman title fight, despite failing a NSAC-mandated drug test earlier this year, because Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) intends to bring Belfort and Co. to California in early 2015.

Ariel Helwani reports:

On Wednesday, spoke to NAC executive director Bob Bennett, who said he currently has no plans in place to randomly test Belfort because the UFC recently informed the commission that the Weidman vs. Belfort fight would probably take place in California next year. (Note: the UFC has yet to publicly announce the official date and location of the title fight, however, UFC president Dana White recently said it would happen in February.) Bennett also said the commission had yet to test Belfort, despite the fact that the title fight was official for two months before Weidman had to pull out. Weidman confirmed he had not been tested, as well.

Sorry, California State Athletic Commission (CSAC), he's your problem now.

That makes the entire dog-and-pony show from last July -- and his (cough) "conditional license" -- a complete and utter waste of time. Belfort was not punished and will now move on to fight somewhere else, though it should be noted that UFC has yet to apply for an official event in "The Golden State."

If and when it does, CSAC head cheese Andy Foster claims he'll randomly test Vitor "three-to-five times." Until then, "The Phenom" won't be tinkling into any cups and is free to do whatever he wants, because he is out of competition.

Way out.

And you thought Chael Sonnen had a right to be pissed before? Wait until he gets a load of this...