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Bible-quoting War Machine seeks forgiveness, embraces grandma's 'faggotry' in wake of alleged Christy Mack attack

Bellator MMA

War Machine has been keeping a jail-house journal.

Written earlier this month -- prior to his suicide attempt -- the mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter formerly known as Jon Koppenhaver today released an entry from back on Oct. 8, after doing a bit of self reflection in the wake of his alleged attack against ex-girlfriend Christy Mack.

From his official Twitter account:

On October 7th I received a book in the mail titled "The Disappearance of The Universe" and I'd like to thank whomever sent it. I've really been struggling in here, dealing with this seemingly out of the blue disaster that I have been blindsided by. My entire life I have fought "forgiveness", plotted revenge and fantasized about carrying it was just my personality. Well, my entire life I have also been plagued with shit luck. No matter how much I thought I was trying to change, I was still ending up with the same grandmother always told me that hate was poison; others have told me that "negativity" will attract more negativity... I labeled all of that faggotry and pushed on. Well, I'm done trying the same tactics that have failed me over and over again. I want to be happy; I want to live a happy life. Will forgiveness work like magic? I dunno, that'd be great if it did though. One thing it can't do, is hurt. In fact, I'm pretty sure it will most likely speed up my healing process either way. Maybe all of this happened just so that I'd make this one important change. I will apologize in advance if my lack of hate will make me less entertaining; but at the end of the day, where has my past attitude really gotten me? I read some Bible quote the other day: "It's easy to see a splinter in someone else's eye, but hard to see the log in your own." (Something like that) I have cheated on women, I have lied, I have hurt people, and I have slept with women in relationships. Nobody is innocent, we have all earned the pain we receive, and if you look hard enough, you will find it. When you find that you truly are the one responsible for it all, it really hurts, the guilt is devastating...forgiving yourself at that point then becomes even harder than forgiving the ones who originally "wronged you". If you are a fan of mine please don't harass Christy, just let her be. Don't respond to all the people spewing hate against me. If you're a fan of mine , just please analyze and learn from my situation, and apply it to your own life. I deserved this, she deserved this, he deserved this, and we are also all innocent at the same time. I just hope to one day have the opportunity to put this new way of thinking to use, out there in the real world. I can't wait until this court nightmare is over and I can begin the next chapter in my life. Thanks for all of your support, all the letters and books truly mean a lot. The court system is fucked up; let's hope their attempt at railroading me fails and that I only have to deal with the more realistic charges. To charge me with rape, attempted murder, burglary, and just crazy.

Crazy enough to cop a plea deal.

Mack and Corey Thomas -- the second victim in Koppenhaver's alleged bloody rampage -- were set to testify in court last Friday (Oct. 17), but the defense was able to postpone the proceedings in order to cut a deal (details). At this time, the prosecution has yet to make a decision.

For much more on this case click here.

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