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BJ Penn threatens to break Mike Dolce's 'glass jaw' following Twitter spat

This is escalating pretty quickly.

Mark Nolan

After former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight and welterweight champion, B.J. Penn, declared he would never hire Mike Dolce for anything ever again, the famed nutrition expert didn't waste time in firing back his response.

According to Dolce, the fact that Penn didn't have a good performance in his trilogy fight against Frankie Edgar at The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 19 Finale a few months back, didn't have anything to do with his weight-cut down to 145 pounds.

A process Team Penn hired Dolce to supervise.

As Mike put it, the real reason Penn didn't go out and perform to the best of his ability was because "The Prodigy" didn't give his all during training and only took his nutrition advice at his own discretion.

After Dolce continued his verbal criticism of Penn in this latest interview, "The Prodigy" decided he had heard enough and threatened to get physical.

Not one to sit idly by, Dolce fired back a response of his own:

In response to Mike's original comments, Penn -- who is now-retired -- said the nutrition guru was absent during the most critical times before and after the pre-fight weigh-ins.

And just like that, $20,000 went down the drain.

Nevertheless, it seems bygones won't be bygones in this situation, as both men are hellbent in having the last word. But as "The Prodigy" warns Dolce, should he continue his criticism, the mixed martial arts (MMA) legend may have to let his fists do the talking from here on out.

Whose side are you taking?

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