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Georges St. Pierre humiliated in training following non-UFC chit-chat with Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sp

It wasn't exactly Daniel LaRusso and his YMCA-brand of karate getting worked by the Cobra Kai and their dirt bikes, but it was still pretty humiliating.

That's according to former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre, who returned to the gym earlier this week after a long and grueling recovery from knee surgery, which came on the heels of his second blown ACL.

Ariel Helwani dishes to UFC Tonight:

"His coach tweeted out picture of him training. He’s been cleared to train. He told me his first day back in the gym was humiliating, but he felt better than last time he came back from an ACL injury. On his recent meeting with Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta, he said it was a great meeting. They laughed a lot. But he said they didn't try to talk him back to fighting."

I'm sure they never discussed a UFC return ... just like we here at MMAmania never discussed a return for Brock Lesnar.

After walking away from mixed martial arts (MMA) in 2013, Johny Hendricks took over as 170-pound champion, following a unanimous decision win over Robbie Lawler back in March. "Bigg Rigg" will rematch "Ruthless" at UFC 181 and the winner is expected to meet TriStar teammate Rory MacDonald in 2015.

In other words, don't expect GSP to "Rush" back to the Octagon just yet.

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