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Tito Ortiz: 'Phony' Stephan Bonnar has been on his knees giving BJs in UFC

Bellator bad boy Tito Ortiz is stirring the pot with Stephan Bonnar!
Bellator bad boy Tito Ortiz is stirring the pot with Stephan Bonnar!
Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Ahead of his Nov. 15 fight at Bellator 131, Tito Ortiz spoke to Marcos Villegas at Fight Hub, and as is typical for "The Huntington Beach Bad Boy," he's not afraid to stir the pot. Ortiz definitely likes to get into an opponent's head, so when he calls Bonnar a "phony," it's not surprising.

"He's such a loud, barking little rat. It's like a little baby chihuahua. It's funny because it shows how fake and how much of a phony he is. He brings in one of my old sparring partners that he tried to call my coach. I hope he teaches him stuff, because he never did shit in our camp anyway. He's being fed to the wolves and he doesn't even realize it."

Even though Ortiz professes he'll "let his fight do the talking" and "the better man stays quiet," it quickly escalated to NSFW proportions after that. Even though Bonnar is standing literally feet away from Villegas during the interview, Ortiz doesn't hold back his feelings on "The American Psycho" getting off lightly for a second drug test failure at UFC 153 by "retiring."

"Well I guess that's what he gets for living on his knees with UFC, you know? He gives as many BJs as possible so he doesn't have to serve any time at all. That's alright -- he'll pay for it (with) this one."

The explosive remarks come at 3:27.

Will Ortiz' trash talking come back to haunt him on next month on Spike TV, or did he succeed at getting inside Bonnar's head?


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