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Batshit boxer banned for life following Croatian meltdown


Swift and sure justice!

Croatian light heavyweight boxer Vido Loncar, who blew a gasket at the European Youth Boxing Championships in Zagreb, has been banned for life after his vicious assault against the referee who called an early stop to his match against the fleet-footed Algirdas Baniulis.

Croatian Boxing Federation’s Marko Marovic vents to Sky Sports (via Sherdog):

"This is the worst thing that could happen to us. This is a disgrace to Zagreb and Croatia and cause the sport of boxing major damage. All the hard work that we put into organizing this championship and raising the image of Croatian boxing has been destroyed in a few seconds."

See the unsettling video here.

Loncar, who was apprehended on the scene by security personnel (who were a tad bit slow to respond), was incarcerated following his brutal assault. In addition, the referee was hospitalized with injuries that are considered non-life threatening.

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