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TUF 20 results and recap for Felice Herrig vs. Heather Clarke (Ep. 5)

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FOX Sports

The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 20 was back on FOX Sports 1 last night (Weds., Oct. 22, 2014) as the elimination fights continued on episode five with No. 6 ranked Felice Herrig (Team Pettis) taking on No. 11 ranked Heather Clarke (Team Melendez).

We start things off in the van on the way to the gym and Clark is explaining why she doesn't get along with "tasteless" and "trashy" Herrig and as expected, it's nothing substantial, just the usual drama. Coach Melendez is giving Clark some pointers but they can't go hard because of her injury.

Jake Shields sighting!

Angela Magana is pissed that Clark is sitting out with an alleged "injury" and calls her out for being shady. On the other side of things, Herrig is getting some sparring work with coach Pettis. Justine Kish is also banged up (knee) and stuck riding the stationary bike.

The doctor sends her for an MRI and it reveals a torn ACL.

That pretty much bounces her from the show and taking her place will be Tecia Torres, who was eliminated by Randa Markos in episode one. Dana White sends her over to Team Pettis so she can train for Bec Rawlings. Not surprisingly, people like Coach Melendez and Carla Esparza are not happy about it, who believe it should be a forfeit.

White gives zero fucks.

Most of the girls on Team Pettis are pissed that Torres has returned and give her all kinds of hard looks at the gym. We shift back over to Herrig and she is having trouble adjusting to a new set of coaches and doesn't want them to pressure her or fuel her anxiety.

Conversely, Clark says she's calm and focused, thanks to her positive outlook and mediation.

We shall see.

Elimination fight No. 5 -- Felice Herris (Team Pettis) vs. Heather Clark (Team Melendez):

Round 1: Low kick by Herrig. Clark with a 1-2. Herrig rushes in for the takedown and gets trapped in a guillotine. Clark has it deep but Herrig survives and remains upright and gets the fight to the fence. Clark's arm gasses and she lets it go. Herrig gets turned around against the fence but gets the trip takedown -- and nearly kills herself by landing on her face and head. Working from half guard, Herrig gets swept and reversed. Now Clark is on top and has her crammed into the fence. Herrig throws her legs up and locks in the armbar but Clark survives and they go north/south. It's just as awful for the girls. Referee warns them to improve their position. Herrig gets her butt groped and spins back into guard then they get tangled up in some weird pretzel lock. Herrig now has a side headlock. Buzzer. Weird round.

Round 2: Herrig low kick and she eats a jab. They tie up in the center of the cage and go to the fence. Herrig drags her to the floor and has her back. The sit up against the fence and Herrig is doing reach-around punches. Clark returns fire. Herrig loses the body lock and Clark reverses. Referee tells them to improve position. Clark doing mini slams and they get stood up. Let them work, ref. Nice knee to the body from Clarke. Herrig rushes in and gets the takedown. Clarke gives up her back but they run out of time.

Final decision: Felice Herrig def. Heather Clark via unanimous decision

Here's where we stand after episode five:

Team Pettis:

Carla Esparza
Randa Markos
Joanne Calderwood
Alex Chambers
Jessica Penne
Felice Herrig
Justine Kish
Tecia Torres
Aisling Daly

Team Melendez:

Angela Hill
Tecia Torres
Emily Kagan
Rose Namajunas
Lisa Ellis
Heather Jo Clark
Bec Rawlings
Angela Magana

Elimination Match ups:

Carla Esparza (No. 1) vs. Angela Hill (No. 16)
Randa Markos (No. 14) vs. Tecia Torres (No. 3)
Joanne Calderwood (No. 2) vs. Emily Kagan (No. 15)
Alex Chambers (No. 10) vs. Rose Namajunas (No. 7)
Jessica Penne (No. 4) vs. Lisa Ellis (No. 13)
Felice Herrig (No. 6) vs. Heather Jo Clark (No. 11)
Tecia Torres (No. 3) vs. Bec Rawlings (No. 8)
Aisling Daly (No. 5) vs. Angela Magana (No. 12)

Semifinal Match ups:

Randa Markos vs. TBA
Joanne Calderwood vs. TBA
Jessica Penne vs. TBA
Carla Esparza vs. TBA
Felice Herrig vs. TBA

After the fight, Clark blames her knee injury for her performance. Claims her knee buckled and she couldn't throw any kicks. She then apologizes to Herrig for her shit talk. Anyway, Team Melendez is now down 0-5 and here comes Dana White to square off the next fighters, Aisling Daly (No. 5) vs. Angela Magana (No. 12).

See you in seven!