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Video: Boxer goes nuts after early stoppage, beats the s--t out of referee as opponent flees in terror

Beating begins around the 1:10 mark.

Remember when Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) -- along with New Mexico State Athletic Commission -- got all butthurt when Jason High two-handed referee Kevin Mulhall following what the "KC Bandit" believed to be an early stoppage?

Try this on for size.

Croatian boxer Vido Loncar was getting worked by Algirdas Baniulis at the European Youth Boxing Championships in Zagreb, and when the referee decided to call the action, in what has to be considered concern for the welfare of the fighter taking damage, Loncar blew a gasket.

Here's another look.

Referee getting knocked out in the European championships

A video posted by muhammad ali (@m.ali_96) on

Hey, Baniulis, thanks for helping out!

Nice to know he just left the referee there to take a beating. Fortunately, someone had the sense to stop that rampaging lunatic after he went full ground-and-pound on the official. What happened afterward is unknown at this time, but don't expect to see Loncar back in the ring anytime soon.

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