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Shane Carwin expects 'one dimensional' Brock Lesnar to stay retired: 'This isn't the early '90s'

But if he did...

Esther Lin

There has been a lot of online chatter about former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar making his return to mixed martial arts (MMA) after his professional wrestling contract with WWE expires next spring.

Probably not a good idea.

That's according to retired UFC heavyweight slugger Shane Carwin, who was submitted by Lesnar at UFC 116 after "almost dying" in the second round. After all, this isn't the early '90s, and there is no room for "one-dimensional" fighters like Lesnar.

From his conversation with FOX Sports:

"I basically almost died in that fight. In the second round, anybody could have tripped me and landed on me. He's not coming back. I don't even know why he would have the desire. He's not going to improve the part of his game he needs to improve in that short (amount) of time. The guys these days are too far ahead. You can't be one-dimensional. This isn't the early '90s."

Carwin, however, insists he would come out of retirement for a rematch (get in line).

"The Engineer" tied a ribbon around his combat sports career in early 2013 after a long and difficult battle with injuries to his neck, back, and knee (more on that here). During his heyday, Carwin (12-2) was considered one of the hardest punchers in the entire sport.

Perhaps if Carwin, 40, had started in 1995 as opposed to 2005, this story would have a different ending.

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