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Mike Dolce: Vitor Belfort not a deflated 'roid bag, performing 'brilliantly' post TRT

"[Belfort's] doing brilliantly right now. He's ready. He could fight within four weeks if he had to. This is a man who makes sacrifices to be at his very best. I love the fact that he's off the TRT program just to get that out of his conversation, but the diet, the meal plan, it doesn't change that much. Every three weeks we update our meal plan because the body changes so we have to react to the body. It's just a matter of constantly reacting to the body, monitoring his blood work, monitoring his health, monitoring training output. Making sure we really balance the volume and the intensity. Give him enough rest and recuperation, which is probably the most important thing. Not so much the nutrition, but it's the rest and recuperation for the athletes that are transitioning off [TRT]."

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight champion Chris Weidman was having a few laughs when comparing the before and after photos of division No. 1 contender, Vitor Belfort, who was forced to scrap his testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) after the controversial treatment was banned earlier this year by Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC). In addition, top contender Luke Rockhold also expects the Brazilian's "frail" body to "fall apart" after the fountain of youth dried up. Not so, according to famed diet guru Mike Dolce, who is charged with keeping "The Phenom" fed, rested, and happy leading up to next year's 185-pound title fight. In fact, Dolce told The Underground (via MMA Fighting) Belfort could be ready to fight in four weeks (as originally scheduled) because he's performing so "brilliantly" these last few weeks. All smoke and no fire? Or will we crown a new champion in 2015?

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