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Royce Gracie would punch Eddie Bravo in the nose if he tried 'rubber guard stuff'

Royce Gracie's fighting days are long behind him, but the jiu-jitsu specialist says he wouldn't hesitate to sock Eddie Bravo in the schnoz if they ever found themselves pitted against one another in some sort of fighting competition.

Ethan Miller

Royce Gracie and Eddie Bravo were involved in a minor backstage altercation following Bravo's 20-minute grappling battle against Royler Gracie at Metamoris 3 back in March.

According to Eddie, Royce confronted him backstage about his history of trash-talking the Gracie family. Something Bravo vehemently denied, saying that he always praised the Gracies as opposed to belittling them.

Soon thereafter, the mixed martial arts (MMA) and jiu-jitsu world lit up the internet, hoping that either a fight or grappling match would come out of the altercation. Not to be, says Royce, as the 47-year old says he is done fighting.

During a recent appearance on The MMA Hour, Royce talked about the incident and said that the two did indeed exchange words, but only after Eddie decided to raise his voice at him when all he was trying to do was thank him for finally giving his family credit after years of trash talk.

When asked if he would ever participate at Metamoris -- a Gracie-ran promotion -- Royce said he wouldn't, but he also revealed that he wouldn't mind punching Bravo in the nose if he tried his "rubber guard stuff."

"I haven't got any offers, but I don't compete in grappling rules" said Gracie. "I'm a MMA fighter, man. I'm a MMA fighter all the way. I'm pretty much done fighting. With Eddie Bravo, it's personal. Everybody talks highly and praises him. You're gonna send your kids to learn from a guy that tells everybody that it's okay to do drugs? It's okay to drink alcohol?" asked Royce.

Aside from what Royce deemed as disrespect from Bravo toward his family, the longtime MMA veteran says he doesn't care much for Bravo due to the fact that he endorses drugs.

"Sorry, man. If you wanna do it in private, do it in private. I have no problem with that. But I can never send my kid to someone that praises alcohol and drugs. Is that what you want your kids to learn? It's okay to smoke pot? ‘Oh, pot is not a drug.' So walk into a police station with a pound of pot and tell the cops it's not a drug. Come on," he said.

For Gracie, people who aren't too familiar with the world of jiu-jitsu will automatically assume most practitioners of the discipline are potheads thanks to Eddie's promotion of drugs.

"People that don't know and hear about it, they start to think that all the people that do jiu-jitsu smoke pot, is a drug addict. It generalizes," he said.

"Here I am fighting for something good, and the guy is fighting for something bad, in my point of view. Sorry, I can't agree with that, what he represents." proclaimed Gracie. "Nothing to do with his jiu-jitsu, nothing with his teaching, whatever, his school. It's the endorsement. If you want to do something like that, do it in private. Keep it to yourself."

To each their own, I guess.

But, if the day ever came that the two men found themselves in some sort of fighting competition, Gracie wouldn't hesitate to punch Bravo right in the nose.

"Does Metamoris allow punches to the face? Do this rubber guard stuff and I'll punch you in the nose."

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