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UFC Quick Quote: Whoever came up with 'Fight Pass' is a genius

Stephen Pond

"In two-three years from now, we are going to look back on this thing as a genius-like maneuver. Other companies are following suit, so I believe it is the future."

Former professional wrestling broadcaster turned mixed martial arts (MMA) play-by-play man Jim Ross (via Bloody Elbow) believes that streaming digital content is the way of the future, even if the way of the present is a bit of a rocky road. That includes the UFC "Fight Pass" network, which allows combat sports fans to watch overseas events (like this one) and access the promotion's ever-growing library of fights. Like the WWE Network over in the land of make believe, fans pay a low monthly subscription rate and watch what they want, when they want (details). But unlike WWE, the UFC service does not include pay-per-view (PPV) events, so Fight Pass forces fans to incur an additional expense. Genius idea? I guess we'll find out in two-to-three years.

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