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Michael Bisping pities busted Cung Le: 'He has to explain failed drug test to his kids'

Victor Fraile

"Count" ... is that you?

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight contender Michael Bisping -- one of the most outspoken fighters in mixed martial arts (MMA) today -- is not going yard in the wake of Cung Le's failed drug test, despite getting one lobbed right over the plate.

In fact, he feels kinda bad for him (via MMA Fighting):

"Fortunately, I won the fight. If I lost, I would be outraged and would have more to say. I don't want to kick a man while he's down. He has to explain this to his kids. Hopefully, this will be a lesson for him and everyone: this is not a road one should take. In some ways, I feel bad for him and he has to pay the consequences. He tried to cheat me out of a victory. If I would have lost to him, I wouldn't be fighting Luke Rockhold in the main event, people would probably be asking me to retire ... He tried to cheat me out of a lot. I'm glad the UFC is doing what they can to clean up the sport."

And according to UFC head cheese Lorenzo Fertitta, there are more drug tests to come.

Le failed -- and was suspended -- for Human Growth Hormone (HGH), despite his insistence that he was the beneficiary of good genetics (and even better lighting). While the magic potion certainly made him look good, it did little to keep him from getting busted open in the UFC Fight Night 48 main event (pic).

Bisping, who will next meet Luke Rockhold in Sydney, is moving on.

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