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UFC Quick Quote: Martin Kampmann still only 'semi-retired'

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

"I'm still signed with the UFC, but I'm on an indefinite hiatus. I'm semi-retired, you might say. I'm taking a break and focusing on coaching, stuff like that. I'm still signed with the UFC, I still have a contract with the UFC, but I just don't have any fights lined up and I don't plan on having any fights lined up in the future, either. I'm focusing on coaching right now. I still love fighting so I'll never say never, but I can't see myself fighting anytime in the future right now. I've had my share of concussions and it's not always fun. I took some fights where I shouldn't have taken them, but I pushed through it and that was a mistake in retrospect. Can't change that now, but now I'm trying to watch out for my health better than I've done in the past."

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight Martin Kampmann -- who hasn't been seen since back-to-back knockout losses to Johny Hendricks and Carlos Condit -- is enjoying his extended leave of absence and resting his brain after 10 long years as an active mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter. "The Hitman" (via MMA Fighting) hasn't ruled out an eventual return, but sounds like he's settling into his new role as coach at Team Alpha Male, picking up where Duane Ludwig left off. Kampmann, 32, still has a few years left in his prime, but does anyone out there in mixed martial arts (MMA) land want to see him come back?

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