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Live UFC 179 results stream

After a two-week hiatus, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) returns to pay-per-view (PPV) this weekend (Sat., Oct. 25, 2014) with UFC 179 from Maracanãzinho Gymnasium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Get complete, official "Aldo vs. Mendes 2"-led event results, live updates, and real-time coverage right here, starting at 7 p.m. ET on fight night!

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) featherweight kingpin Jose Aldo will face off against Chad Mendes for a second time when they hook 'em up at this weekend's UFC 179 pay-per-view (PPV) event, which is locked and loaded for Sat., Oct. 25, 2014, inside the Maracanãzinho Gymnasium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

In the co-main event, former light heavyweight No. 1 contender Glover Teixeira will try to punch his way back into "the mix" against venerable wrestling standout Phil Davis, who looks to finally get over that 205-pound hump and earn a title fight of his own.

That's not all! will deliver LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the entire UFC 179 fight card below, starting with the Fight Pass "Prelims" matches online, which are scheduled to begin at 7 p.m. ET, and then the remaining under card balance on FOX Sports 1 at 8 p.m. ET before the PPV start time at 10 p.m. ET.

Many of our readers check-in before, during and after the televised action to share their thoughts on all the exciting action. Therefore, feel free to leave a comment (or 179) before you split and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it always turns out to be a great discussion.

Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps and post-fight analysis after "Aldo vs. Mendes 2."

Without further delay, see below for the latest UFC 179 results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action.)

Braiterman here, all evening long!


Jose Aldo def. Chad Mendes via decision (unanimous) 49-46 x3
Phil Davis def. Glover Teixeira via decision (unanimous) 30-27 x3
Fabio Maldonado def. Hans Stringer via TKO (ground & pound) at 4:06 of Rd. 2
Darren Elkins def. Lucas Martins via decision (split) 30-27 x2, 27-30
Beneil Dariush def. Diego Ferreira via decision (unanimous) 30-27 x3
Neil Magny def. William Macario via TKO (ground & pound) at 2:40 of Rd. 3
Yan Cabral def. Naoyuki Kotani via submission (rear naked choke) at 3:06 of Rd. 2
Wilson Reis def. Scott Jorgensen via submission (arm triangle) at 3:28 of Rd. 1
Andre Fili def. Felipe Arantes via decision (unanimous) 29-28 x3
Gilbert Burns def. Christos Giagos via submission (armbar) at 4:57 of Rd. 1
Tony Martin def. Fabricio Camoes via submission (Kimura) at 4:16 of Rd. 1


Jose Aldo vs. Chad Mendes

Round 1: Aldo in black, green & red, Mendes in blue and the ref is Goddard. Low kick from Mendes to open up. Another good one. Flurry from Aldo. Aldo checks the leg kick this time. Right from Mendes. A left floors Aldo, but he hops right back up. Piston-jab from Aldo. There's a leg kick from the champ. They each fire lefts. Low kicks from both. Jabs from each. Aldo with a right. Two lefts from Mendes. Right and a leg kick from Aldo. Checks a Mendes leg kick. Left hook from Mendes hits the jaw. This fight is better than everything else on the card so far and we're just four minutes in. Aldo with a poke in the eye from Mendes' wide-open hands. We stop for a bit. Leg kick and a big flurry from Aldo. Huge knee from Aldo rocks Mendes as he went for a clinch. Mendes eats it and power through for a takedown, but Aldo is back up. Right from Aldo and Mendes is on his butt! Aldo following down and punching down on Mendes. He mounts and is flurrying. Mendes escapes. Aldo coming forward now. Aldo punching and landing. Aldo with a punch right at the buzzer and another one afterwards that rocks Mendes badly!

10-9 Aldo

Round 2: Goddard doesn't seem to do anything about the late punch, so here we are in round two. Aldo checks a low kick. Mendes pushes forward hard for a single. Aldo defends and Mendes tries for a knee on the break, whiffs and his foot kicks Aldo in the almonds. Another stoppage here as Aldo recovers. Mendes catches a body kick, but can't do anything with it. Mendes unable to close the distance. Aldo sweeps the leg as Mendes kicks and down goes Chad. He's right up, however. Mendes with a body kick. Glancing left from Aldo. Each man with a leg kick. Jab lands from Jose. Another. Mendes body kick. Mendes with a right hand counter. Punch to the liver from Aldo. Aldo slips a right. Eats a leg kick. Right hand to the body lands for Aldo. Inside leg kick lands from Mendes, but Aldo gets in a head kick that pops the skull from Chad. Straight left from Mendes at the bell.

10-9 Aldo

Round 3: They both come out swinging, but nothing lands clean. Aldo with a stiff jab. Another eye poke from Mendes and we might have a point deduction here. Nope. They fire away at each other. Both land some nice shots. They slow it down. Mendes gets in a couple lefts. Aldo with a left. Aldo firing now gets a right and a left. Phone pole jab from the champ. Right uppercut from Mendes. Another. Aldo fires back. Mendes gets hit behind the temple and he's on the ground. Aldo firing. Mendes tries to suck in for a takedown, but Aldo defends perfectly. Mendes recovers a bit and is back standing, but eats punches. Takedown attempt, nothing. Again, Aldo firing and Mendes is hurt again. Another takedown attempt, another stuff. Bodylock from Chad and he's foot stomping for all he's worth. They smile at each other and enjoy a moment.

10-9 Aldo

Round 4: Mendes with a jab. Slow paced round so far. Jab from Mendes again. Uppercut from Mendes. Mendes looking better here with the jab. Aldo gets in a right. There's another. Aldo is bleeding fairly well now. Aldo checks the low kick. Aldo's output has dropped significantly, but so has Mendes. Nice right hand from Mendes lands. There's a left, too. Another nice check from the champ. A left from Aldo. 1-2 lands, but he misses a flying knee. Aldo lands a hook.

10-9 Mendes.

Round 5: Flurries from both men to start. Left from Mendes and one back from Aldo. Strange pause and high five from the two. Mendes hits a blast double and finally gets Aldo down. Aldo sits with his back to the cage and Mendes isn't doing anything here. Aldo eventually stands. Jab from the champ and a left. Another left. Knee that Mendes tries to turn into a takedown. No dice and Aldo is on his back. They stand in the pocket and trade. Nice right from Mendes. Aldo staggers Mendes with a right, and Mendes nukes back a left. 3-2 from Jose. Nice left from Chad. Mendes tries a takedown, it's stuffed. Aldo complains about a groin shot, but it's because Aldo pushed back Mendes on a knee attempt. I'm not really sure what Brian Stann is talking about on commentary. Aside from the 4th round, this hasn't been all that close. Ten seconds and they're firing away. Aldo unloading flying kicks, kitchen sinks, etc. Great fight.

10-9 Aldo

Final result: Jose Aldo defeats Chad Mendes via decision (unanimous) 49-46 x3


Phil Davis vs. Glover Teixeira

Round 1: Davis in pink, Tex in black and we get Yamasaki. Davis ducks for a single, but Tex sprawls away from it. Davis swinging in bunches to try and get in on the takedowns. Better than what he did against Rumble so far. Davis with a high kick. Glover coming forward now and he's on his bike. Davis with a right hand. Another as Tex chases. Clinch, but Tex can't get him down. Front kick and a right hand for Davis. Takedown attempt from a double into a single... Tex with a nice display of balance. Tex tried for a guillotine and failed, finally allowing Davis to get the takedown. Right hands as he's holding Tex down. Bunch of right hands for Phil. Good grinding here from Davis.

10-9 Davis

Round 2: Davis punching to try and set up the takedowns, but he can't get the latter. He ducks under and gets a body lock and drags Tex down. Nice switch from Tex and he's on top of Davis. Glover lets go and they're standing. Tex with another stupid guillotine attempt and he's on his back, just like in the first round. Tex eats a bunch of punches but gets up and eventually breaks free. Davis with a 1-2. Glover with a right and then gets poked in the eye. Tex recovers after a bit and we're up and running again. Glover with a left as Phil gets out of Dodge. Davis catches Glover chasing and gets the takedown.

10-9 Davis

Round 3: Right from Tex. There's a combo, too. Davis stuffed on the takedown. Clinch and break. Great duck-under and Tex is down in center cage. Mount. Tex rolls and Davis floats over to the back. Cradle position and Davis kneeing the back. Tex up, Tex down. Halfway through the round. More GNP from Davis, staying active. Glover finally up at 1:45 left. Now Tex on top briefly, but Davis scrambles up and back into the clinch. 75 seconds left. Overhand right. Relentless pursuit from Davis making sure he doesn't lose this fight late and Tex is down.

10-9 Davis

Final result: Phil Davis defeats Glover Teixeira via decision (unanimous) 30-27 x3


Fabio Maldonado vs. Hans Stringer

Round 1: Maldonado in black, Stringer in white and Goddard is the third man. Stringer with a takedown ten seconds into the fight. Half guard. Left hands from Stringer and a knee to the ribs. Elbows. More knees. Two minutes of top control here. Stringer working on elbows heavy here. Maldonado has done pretty much nothing here. Nice right from Hans. Mount, and lost. Maldonado finally gets out the back door with 80 seconds left. Stringer trips him down. Full guard. Maldonado is cut from one of those elbows.

10-9 Stringer

Round 2: We got another ten seconds in before Stringer lands a right and went into a clinch. Fabio keeps it upright, but he eats some knees. Maldonado not throwing much here. Stringer with two decent rights, but his shot was awful and stuffed. Right hand from Stringer lands again. Hans gets in some nice leg kicks which sucks Maldonado in. Hans ducks under and gets Maldonado down with a double. Fabio kicks off, but Stringer runs forward to him again. Stringer tries to drag him down but slips off and falls down. Maldonado on top in guard now and he's punching down. Stringer trying to throw off his back, but Fabio landing in volume now. Maldonado to the body and the head repeatedly. Stringer covering up now. He's just laying there and Goddard eventually steps in after what had to be 30 unanswered strikes. Maldonado climbs the cage and he's met there by Anderson Silva who climbs the cage. They share a moment as the crowd roars.

Final result: Fabio Maldonado defeats Hans Stringer via TKO (ground & pound) at 4:06 of round 2


Darren Elkins vs. Lucas Martins

Round 1: Martins in white, Elkins with the apparently very popular red & black. Maia the ref. Elkins with a nice single leg that Martins defends from the get, but can't keep up with. Elkins with a couple of nice lefts as Martins stands. Martins stuffs the second takedown, but eats a punch as Elkins breaks off. Front kick from Elkins backs Martins up to the cage and he shoots in. Martins prevents the takedown, but eats a couple more punches for his trouble. Another single attempt from Elkins fails, but he also uses it to get in more punches as he breaks. Elkins with a right. Another attempt gets blocked, but Martins get driven into the cage. Elkins with knees to the gut. Again, Elkins breaks away with punches and we're back to the center. Martins gets in a left. There's a right, too. Elkins hits a left. Martins with a knee to the head, but I don't think it was solid. Once more, Elkins is throwing strikes to back Martins up into a clinch against the cage.

10-9 Elkins

Round 2: Martins lands a nice left. Low single from Elkins doesn't work, but still gets the fight to the wall. Elkins kneeing, punching and grinding here. Leg kick from Elkins. Darren motors forward swinging, not landing, but backing up the Brazilian. Two nice lefts and a good right from Elkins in the dirty boxing phase of this fight. The crowd isn't liking this, but somewhere, Randy Couture thinks this is great. Uppercut and a left from Martins on the break. They both eat rights. Martins gets in a head kick, but he landed with the toes, not the shin. Martins stupidly clinches, allowing Elkins to get his equilibrium back. Elkins reverses and is back to pressure, punching, kneeing and walling off Martins.Body-head three times in a row for the American.

10-9 Elkins.

Round 3: Martins finally throws the knee on a takedown attempt. Another one and that one lands on the point of the jaw. Martins slips out from a single leg, but he goes straight back into wall and stall. Elkins with the dirty boxing, but Martins times another knee as Elkins ducks down once more. They break with 90 seconds gone. Elkins on the clinch again back into the cage. More knees and dirty boxing. Tedious pace here. Two punches and a failed takedown attempt again. Finally a ref break. Elkins give zero fucks and goes right back to swarming through punches into a clinch against the metal. Ref break again with a minute and change left. Right hand from Elkins. Elkins dives onto the leg and we're up against the fence once more. Punches from Elkins as he backs off for a second, but now back into it. A right from Martins. An elbow.

10-9 Martins

Final result: Darren Elkins defeats Lucas Martins via decision (split) 30-27, 30-27, 27-30


Beneil Dariush vs. Diego Ferreira

Round 1: Dariush in black, Ferreira in blue, Yamasaki the ref. Dariush immediately backs Ferreira up. Diego swings away from the cage. Liver kick from Dariush. Head kick, too. There's a right hand, as well. Diego gets in a left. Heavy leg kick from the Iranian. Ferreira combos forward, but misses on all four strikes. Diego clinches with a left underhook. Can't get the takedown, however. Dariush spins. They break after some knees to the gut from Diego. Ferreira running forward with rights that don't land. Clinch and a takedown for Dariush. Half guard and a couple punches. Ferreira grabs ahold of of the foot for a heel hook, but he can't finish.

10-9 Dariush

Round 2: Nice leg kick from Dariush. Big double leg shot from Beneil and he gets it. Ferreira climbs up but eats a knee and drops back down. Occasional punches from Dariush before Diego stands up again. Dariush breaks it off with a head kick. Uppercut from Ferreira. Body punch from Dariush and a liver kick right afterwards. Dariush fakes an overhand and grabs a single. He completes the takedown after a bit of a scramble and is in half guard. Ferreira looking for a Kimura briefly but lets it go. Dariush stands and stalks over the Brazilian. He eventually swims down into full guard with a left hand that hits the shoulder. 20 seconds left. Elbow from Dariush.

10-9 Dariush

Round 3: Ferreira powers forward old-school Wanderlei style with punches. Nothing solid, but a couple get some leather on. Uppercuts from Diego. Dariush with a takedown, but Ferreira rolls through it and lands a nice knee to the chest. Dariush stays solid and finishes another takedown, this time maintaining his top control. Half guard. Dariush looking for an arm triangle, Diego trying to buck him off with butterfly guard. Nice elbow by Dariush. A left one this time. Ferreira looks for a triangle for a second, can't get it. Elbow from the bottom. Omoplata attempt. Dariush with heavy top control. Diego finally gets to the cage to try and get up, but Dariush is just smashing his posture.

10-9 Dariush

Final result: Beneil Dariush defeats Diego Ferreira via decision (unanimous) 30-27 x3


William Macario vs. Neil Magny

Round 1: Macario in yellow, Magny in black & red. Magny flips out the jab and gets in a right. There's a jab that land. Macario with a nice hook. Magny tries a single, but Macario stuffs it and rotates Magny into the links. Magny turns and they break. Macario with an inside leg kick and a left. Magny with a nice right, using his length well. Macario gets in a left. Macario is backing up in a straight line nearly every swing. He gets in a right that backs Magny up. Macario gets in a 1-2. Nice jab as well. Another. Macario with a nice takedown attempt, but Magny scrambles even better and lands a knee at the buzzer.

10-9 Magny

Round 2: Magny using his length well again, landing with both hands and a kick while Macario swings ineffectively outside the proper space. Magny punches away from the cage, but doesn't land. William with an inside leg kick. There's a good left from the Brazilian. Magny hulks up a bit and swings back. There's a nice left from Macario. Magny stumbles a bit and is down to one knee against the cage. Magny deftly avoiding the punches thrown by Macario, gets up, grabs a bodylock and lands a sweet outside trip into half guard. Mount now. Punches, shoulder shots... Magny looks to posture up and he finally gets in some big rights. Macario regains his half guard, but Magny passes again with 15 seconds to go. Magny punching down tremendously, but can't get the finish.

10-9 Magny

Round 3: Magny with a nice right. Macario swinging wild. 1-1-1-2 from Neil. Nice leg kick from the American. Magny with a good right hand. Another one. A couple of low kicks. Good combo from Magny into a takedown straight into mount. Macario is getting smushed here, but he has the composure to regain half. Huge GNP from Magny. The ref is taking a good long look and it's donezo.

Final result: Neil Magny wins via TKO (ground & pound) at 2:40 of Round 3


Yan Cabral vs. Naoyuki Kotani

Round 1: Kotani in purple, Cabral in black and we've got Yamasaki again. Cabral takes the center of the cage and Kotani is content to circle near the fence. Cabral with a head kick that is mostly blocked. Straight from Korani, but they clinch it out. Kotani powers Cabral down and they're scrambling. Kotani with an elbow and a left. Half guard. Cabral with the underhook and we're standing. Kotani with a 1-2 and tries for a body kick, but he slips down and Cabral is on top in half guard. Cabral with some elbows. Cabral with knee on belly, but Kotani works hard to get it back into half. Mount for a second, but Kotani regains half quickly.

10-9 Cabral

Round 2: Cabral with a right directly into a clinch. Cabral gets him down for a brief second, but Kotani is up immediately. Cabral finally gets him down with a waist cinch into a drag. Kotani stands up and has Cabral draped on him, but only with one hook. Kotani spins in and breaks off. They trade right hands. Kotani ducks a right and gets a clinch, but Cabral reverses the hooks and drags Kotani down. Cabral on the back of Kotani. Kotani fighting off a RNC... until he stops fighting it and taps. Looked a wee bit quick, but such is the life.

Final result: Yan Cabral defeats Naoyuki Kotani via submission (rear naked choke) at 3:06 of Round 2


Scott Jorgensen vs. Wilson Reis

Round 1: Jorgensen in white, Reis in black & red, Marc Goddard the ref. Both men land nice left hands, but Reis is on his back. Reis back up and Jorgy is holding his right eye like he got poked in the clinch. No stoppage from the ref. Reis shoots and Scotty sprawls well. Again. Jorgensen with a glancing left. Reis with a nice combo that he finishes off with a leg kick to the outside. 1-1-2 from Reis, and the lefty 2 gets in. Liver kick from Reis knocks the wind out of Jorgensen. Reis with the immediate takedown and tries to spam right hands, but Jorgensen blocks most. Reis switches to mount and looks for an arm triangle. Jorgensen kind of lays down for a bit and gives a single, solitary tap.

Final result: Wilson Reis defeats Scott Jorgensen via submission (arm triangle) at 3:28 of Round 1


Felipe Arantes vs. Andre Fili

Round 1: Fili in blue, Arantes in white, and another Brazilian referee, Osiris Maia is the third man. Fili comes out quick with a right. Arantes with some high kicks that don't connect. Right pushes Arantes back. Arantes gets in a left. Fili with a trip takedown and into full guard. Fili with a right hand once Arantes opens his legs a bit. Arantes looking for a leg lock, but gives it up to create some space. Arantes manages to get to his feet and surges forward to a takedown of his own directly into mount. Fili trying to use the fence to rotate. Arantes with two gigantic elbows. Fili bucks and suddenly he's on his feet with Arantes still down. Fili with some punches on a sitting Arantes. Now down into side control. Fili wraps the head, but Arantes surges up and we're standing now. Fili bleeding from one of those earlier elbows. Nice head kick from Fili. Arantes with a counter. Arantes covering up and letting Fili tee off on him. They trade lefts now. Fili with the takedown off a body kick and is on top at the end of the round.

10-9 Fili

Round 2: Fili surging forward again to start. Arantes catches a kick and uses it to go after a takedown. Half guard. Fili explodes off his back to sweep Arantes and now he's on top in half. Elbows. Arantes goes after a leg lock, which causes Fili to spin out of there, but his foot gets caught and he goes down in a scramble. Arantes with two enormous left elbows. A left and a right now. Fili goes for a triangle but kinda kick/pokes Arantes in the eye. Arantes looks like he's faking it according to the replays. We're standing and Arantes immediately shoots. Fili stuffs it and uses the bodylock to take down Arantes. Arantes with the underhook to sweep and he's back on top. Arantes sitting low in the guard and Fili pushes him off to stand. Immediate blast double from Fili and he's on top in full guard. Arantes covering up well on the ground. Fili with an attempted leg drop pass, but he's in half guard.

10-10 draw

Round 3: Fili with a solid right into a bodylock. Arantes with a guillotine attempt, but he fails and is on his back for no reason. Elbow from Fili. Arantes pushes him off, but Fili ducks under the upkicks and is back in full guard. Pass to side. Arantes rolls to his knees and Fili tries for a guillotine of his own and he slips off. Now he's on his back. Fili kicks him away and stands, but Arantes didn't go far. He's got double underhooks and is pressing. Fili circles and gets in a knee. They break. Fili trying for a single, but Arantes walls him. Arantes scoops out the leg and he's on top in full guard. Two more nice elbows from the Brazilian. Fili with an armbar attempt into an Omoplata, but Arantes sits down and is not threatened by it anymore. Fili hips out a bit and now takes down Arantes. Ten seconds left and Fili dives in with a big right.

10-9 Fili

Final result: Andre Fili wins via unanimous decisions (29-28 x3)


Gilbert Burns vs. Christos Giagos

Round 1: Giagos in red, Burns in white, and we have a ref I'm not familiar with, Eduardo Herdy. Burns taps Giagos early in the pills with a low kick. A brief pause and we're back on. Giagos looking to counterpunch early, especially with short left hooks. Burns shoots a double from way outside, but gets it. Giagos immediately tries to cagewalk up, but Burns prevents it. Burns postures and swings down a big right hand. Herdy is giving them plenty of time to work, and Burns rewards it by swiftly passing to half and then mount. Not much happening in the mount, save a big right hand. Giagos rolls and stands, but has a Burns backpack for his efforts. Giagos tries a front roll to smash in Burns' head, but he sees it coming and moves. Burns still on the back fishing for the rear naked. Twelve seconds left and Burns transitions perfectly into an armbar as Giagos uses the cage to roll through. Giagos tries to defend, but his arm is bent back in an ugly position and he taps.

Final result: Gilbert Burns defeats Christos Giagos via submission (armbar) at 4:57 of Round 1


Fabricio Camoes vs. Tony Martin

Round 1: Martin in red, Camoes in black and Yamasaki is our ref. Feeling out process for a good minute before Camoes lands a nice outside leg kick. Martin with a huge slam into half guard. Camoes locking down the leg, but Martin ignores it to threaten a Kimura. Camoes defends and goes for one of his own, also to no success. Now Martin gets some success with his, bending the arm behind the back. Camoes squirms and nearly stands out of it, but Martin rolls him down and cranks. Camoes nearly taps, but is defending well. Only 50 seconds left, Martin still cranking... and he gets it! There's the tap!

Final result: Tony Martin defeats Fabricio Camoes via submission (Kimura) at 4:16 of Round 1


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