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Dan Hardy welcomes debate with 'sociopathic' Matt Hughes to understand his hunting views

"The Outlaw" just wants to talk, not fight.

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Dan Hardy recently called former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight titleholder Matt Hughes a "piece of shit" after "The Outlaw" saw pictures Hughes posted on his twitter account showing off the wild game he shot down for his new television show.

A show that is set to debut on the Sportsman Channel on Sat., Oct. 18, 2014, and will feature the former 170-pound kingpin on the hunt for the wildest game in Africa.

As Hardy recently told USA Today, if Matt's sole purpose for killing innocent animals was to feed his family or other people in need, then that would be okay. It's the fact that Hughes is doing it for sheer entertainment and to promote his gun sponsors that Hardy has "beef" with.

The British brawler explains his stance and criticism of the former champ:

"We can clear up a few things about this because there is a bit of confusion. When it comes to hunting, I believe there is a cycle, there is a balance to the eco-system and we play a part as a predator. And I'm not saying that we shouldn't hunt and that we shouldn't use animal products, as long as its done respectfully. Now, my problem with Matt Hughes is that he isn't going out there to fill his refrigerator with elk, or whatever. He is going out there to shoot a number of animals for a TV show that he's making to promote his gun sponsors and his stupid camo wear and stuff. It's frustrating for me to watch these people with such an un-evolved operating system. To take a life for your own entertainment is sociopathic. There is no two ways about it if you are getting pleasure out of doing that. Now, it's one thing if you're feeding your family; you can feel achievement that you've hunted and killed something that's going to feed your family, social group, your tribe or whatever. But to take photos and post them on Twitter, and okay, some smart person has seen the opportunity to donate the meat that was shot by these people. And that is fortunate that there is a use for the meat. But it's his intention that I am talking about. His intention is not to go over there and feed people. If he was concerned about that, he'd be out there digging wells and building schools. You know, help people live for themselves instead of going over there and shooting a few animals. He doesn't care what happens to the meat, he is going over there for his own pleasure. I just don't think we can encourage it."

He continues:

"If I were hunting something for food, there would be no pride in killing something. It's an unfortunate process of life and I have an evolved enough conscious to know that this is a sad thing and this is something that I am doing to feed myself in the cycle of life. I can understand my place in that cycle. At the same time, we have the knowledge and understanding of nutrition now to completely opt out of that cycle of life if we like."

While Hughes may not be hunting for food, he says he is hunting to help out Africa's economy in a positive way.

Hardy went on to say that he will occasionally indulge in some eggs or fish, but he makes sure to get it from a provider that obtained it in the most ethical way possible. So don't go out of your way to call him a complete hypocrite.

Furthermore, Hardy says he isn't interested in fighting Hughes. He is, however, very keen on sitting down with the former champion and having a debate on their respective views on hunting.

"If he doesn't feel like enough of a man after being the UFC welterweight champion, then he has some deep-seeded issues and I would love to sit down with him to talk to him about them. Again, I have put it out on Twitter; I'd be more than happy to sit and debate with him. I have no interest in fighting him. I don't want to beat up an old man, there is no need for that. I respect him as a champion, his time has passed. I am talking about him as a person. And if he wants to sit down and talk with me, I would love to try and understand his perspective because I have done as much research as I care into hunting and I can not understand his drive."

The ball is in your court, Mr. Hughes.

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