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UFC Quick Quote: Chad Mendes will finish Jose Aldo in Brazil

Because "Money" plans on putting "Junior" to sleep in Brazil.

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

"I think I've caught up and passed him up. I truly believe this is my time. We've seen his reign for a while, but I've studied him, I've fought him. I truly believe it's my turn. I truly believe that I can (finish him). I know I hit hard. I'm fast and I'm powerful. If I can land one of those on anybody in the division, I can put them to sleep. I truly believe I can finish a guy like Jose Aldo."

-- Anderson Silva recently said he and his fellow countrymen have failed to evolve in mixed martial arts (MMA), which is why there are fewer Brazilian Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) titleholders these days. Jose Aldo, the UFC featherweight kingpin, is the only remaining champ of Brazilian descent, though Chad Mendes intends to change all of that very soon. That's because "Money" is more than confident that his skills have improved from their first fight. And the proof is in the pudding, as Mendes has shown improved striking that has resulted in five straight wins including four straight knockouts. As for Aldo, he hasn't lost since 2006 and has won 17 straight fights including nine consecutive championship bouts. He won't reach No. 10, according to Mendes, who says that "Junior's" reign will come to an end when they duke it out at UFC 179 on Oct. 25, 2014 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (details). And it will be a convincing victory, too, as Chad tells FOX Sports he plans on putting the Brazilian bomber to sleep with his improved striking and always-present power. And if Jose hasn't evolved, it may very well happen. But what are the chances?

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