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Golovkin vs. Rubio live results stream

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

One of the most terrifying men in boxing is back in action later this evening as Kazakh destroyer Gennady Golovkin takes on well-traveled veteran Marco Antonio Rubio tonight (Sat., Oct. 18, 2014) at Carson, California's StubHub Center. will have LIVE results and play-by-play of the event, starting with the HBO broadcast at 10:00 p.m. ET

Golovkin (30-0, 27 KO) has firmly established himself as perhaps the most devastating puncher in the sport, putting away his last 17 opponents since a 2008 decision victory. The last time we saw him, he blew away Australia's Daniel Geale in three rounds, flooring him while being hit in an impressive display of GGG's freakish power.

Rubio (59-6-1, 51 KO), meanwhile, is six fights removed from his last major title bid, a losing effort against Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr. notable primarily for the Texas commission's failure to drug test Chavez afterwards. He has finished five of those six opponents.

The co-feature should be likewise entertaining, featuring former "Fighter of the Year" Nonito Donaire (33-2, 21 KO) as he tries to pick up his third victory since being schooled by Guillermo Rigondeaux, defending his WBA featherweight title against rising Jamaican puncher Nicholas "The Axe Man" Walters (24-0, 20 KO). In his last effort, Donaire took a technical decision over Simpiwe Vetyeka after a cut called a halt to proceedings in the fifth. In that card's co-main event, Walters destroyed former Donaire rival Vic Darchinyan, sleeping the rugged Armenian in the fifth.

Quick results and round-by-round coverage below:

Middleweight: Gennady Golovkin def. Marco Antonio Rubio by knockout at 1:19 of Round Two

Featherweight: Nicholas Walters def. Nonito Donaire by TKO at 2:59 of Round Six

Gennady Golovkin vs. Marco Antonio Rubio

Round one: Rubio 3-2 comes up short. Golovkin lands a left hook, takes a right hook. Left hook exchange. Good jab from Rubio. Jab exchange. One minute in. Clinch. 1-3 from Golovkin. Both land body shots. Overhand right from Rubio. Ruvio body shot, Golovkin hook upstairs. GGG lands a pair of 1-2s. Short right hand by Rubio. Rubio body shot and right straight. One minute to go. Clinch. Stiff jab from Golovkin as he tries to move him to the ropes. Golovkin lands a 3-2 and they exchange. Clinch before the bell. 10-9 Golovkin.

Round two: Lead right hand by Rubio. Golovkin ducks a left hook. Nice 1-2 rocks Rubio. GGG tries to unload against the ropes, Rubio escapes and clinches. Rubio lands at close range, eats a big left hook upstairs. Uppercut rattles Rubio. Golovkin slams a body shot home and looks to press the attack.  A left hook sends Rubio to the mat. The Mexican vet does not beat the count. Eighteenth consecutive knockout for Golovkin.

Final result: Golovkin def. Rubio by knockout


Nonito Donaire vs. Nicholas Walters

Round one: Walters on the front foot. Body shot from the Jamaican. Right hand falls short, Nonito misses with the counter uppercut. Donaire uppercut comes up short. One minute in. Donaire tries to rip to the body on the counter. No clean contact from either man so far. Walters slips a cross. Walter cracks him with a right hook that sends Donaire down, but the referee rules it a slip. One minute to go. Walters right hook lands. Donaire whacks him with a counter hook. Body shot. Quick exchange before the bell. 10-9 Walters.

Round two: Replay shows that the call of a slip was accurate. Nonito crossed his feet while retreating and fell.

Nonito tries to lead with a right. Counter 3-2. Left hook buzzes Walters and a body shot gets his attention. One minute in. Donaire with a counter right and another, avoiding a body shot on the exit. 1-2 from Donaire, left hook lands. Walters struggling to connect this round. Left hook lands for him. One minute to go. Donaire body blow strays low. Break in the action. Walters connects with a body blow upstairs as Donaire attacks the body. Walters bullies him towards the ropes at the end of the round, but gets blasted with a left hook and wobbles across the ring at the bell. 19-19.

Round three: Donaire counter right after taking a left hook. Donaire combination bounces off the guard. Body shot connects. One minute in. Donaire lead straight. Walters to the body. Clinch. Donaire just misses with the cross. Next one lands, met by a pair of left hooks. Donaire uppercut, Walters right hook. One minute to go. Walters body shot and right over the top, Donaire responds with a right. Short-range exchange in center ring; Walters sneaks a right uppercut through the guard that forces Donaire briefly to a knee. Walters pressing the advantage. Donaire fires a left hook, eats a right, and clinches at the bell. 29-27 Walters.

Round four: Walters counters the jab with a left hook. Walters the more active jabber so far. More effective, too. One minute in. Donaire jab, cross misses. Walters working well behind his jab this round. Donaire prods the body. One minute to go. Walters body shot. Donaire hook whiffs. 1-2 from Nonito draws a shrug. More jabs from Walters. Body shot. 3-2 from Walters, then a cuffing right hook after avoiding the left hook. Round ends. 39-36 Walters; Nonito is cut under his right eye.

Round five: Walters once again on the advance. Stiff jab raises some spray off of Donaire's face. Walters slips the counters. Right hook from Walters. One minute in. Short right hand. Right to the body inside. Nonito answers with a cross. Nice straight from Nonito. They're engaging at close range. Both throwing power at point-blank range. Uppercut from Walters, cross from Nonito. Walters body shot. One minute to go. Straight from Walters. Nonito to the body, Walters answers. Cross from the Jamaican, Nonito cross in response. Right hand from Nonito. Walters with a pair of hard crosses and another as Nonito tries to throw the left hook. They trade against the ropes in the waning seconds. 49-45 Walters.

Round six: Donaire uppercut just misses. Walters 1-1-2 likewise. Donaire looking to counter to the body and upstairs with uppercuts. Walters' jab so far the key weapon. One minute in. Donaire 1-1-2 does not connect. Counter cross from Donaire connects. Uppercut by Walters. Left hooks from the Jamaican, then a straight upstairs. Lead right by Nonito, but he runs into a right hook. Walters moves him to the ropes again and they trade at close range. Clinch. Walters using his jab, eats a body shot. Phone both exchanges in center ring. Walters overhand right connects, then another one forces Donaire to faceplant. He gets up in time, but his legs are not there and the ref rightly waves it off. The Axe Man has chopped down The Filipino Flash.

Final result: Walters def. Donaire by TKO


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