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Fabricio Werdum nearly poisoned to death in Mexico during UFC 180 training camp

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

I've heard of fighters gassing, but this is ridiculous.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight No. 1 contender, Fabricio Werdum, moved his training camp to a small village in Mexico to prepare for his upcoming title fight against Cain Velasquez, which takes place in the UFC 180 pay-per-view (PPV) main event on Nov. 15, 2014, in Mexico City.

It was a decision that nearly cost him his life, according to his conversation with MMA Fighting:

"They got us a gasoline generator to get power. They usually left the generator outside the house, but put this one inside the house. We were training inside the house, had dinner and went to bed. They didn’t tell us to turn that thing off before sleeping. I woke us in the middle of the night with a huge headache, nausea, and couldn't get out of bed. Everyone was dizzy. My brother got out of his bed and managed to turn that thing off. We almost died from poisoning. We went to the hospital, everybody throwing up and with diarrhea. The doctor said that we would have died in two hours if nobody had turned that thing off. Imagine the headlines: ‘Werdum moves his camp to Mexico and dies with his whole team.’ We were searching for a breath of fresh air and almost died from carbon monoxide poisoning [laughs]."

Might be time to spend the extra $$$ and hit up the nearest HoJo in Alameda.

Werdum served as head coach for the current season of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF): "Latin America" on UFC Network and hasn't competed since his five-round shellacking over Travis Browne at the UFC on FOX 11 event earlier this year in Orlando.

And if he can go five rounds with the Grim Reaper ... maybe he's got a shot against Velasquez?

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