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UFC invited to hold MMA events at Hogwarts Castle (seriously)

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Team Quest ain't got nuthin' on Team Hufflepuff.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has been taking its act on the road in recent years, making several trips to Europe as it expands its mixed martial arts (MMA) empire across the globe. One place it hasn't been, however, is Hogwarts Castle.

But that could change in the near future, according to FOX Sports, as Duchess of Northumberland Jane Percy is opening the doors to Alnwick Gardens and Alnwick Castle, which served as the co-ed school for wizardry in the popular Harry Potter films.

Currently, the Duchess is working on securing a contract with British promotion BAMMA to have an event held in the Alnwick Gardens in 2015 with at least two title fights decorating the card. When quizzed about possibly holding a UFC event in the same venue, the Duchess didn't turn down the possibility.

She welcomes a promotion like the UFC to come to the gardens and provide the local fans some premium mixed martial arts action.

"We are hoping to host a major event in July 2015 with BAMMA which will involve two World Title fights. We are also looking into how local MMA and boxing clubs can benefit from such great fighters coming to the northeast. We are confident that we can host events for up to 3000 people and would be happy to attract any large similar events," the Duchess said.

Headmaster Dumbledore could not be reached for comment.

Hosting MMA events in non-traditional locations is nothing new. Strikeforce invaded the Playboy Mansion back in late 2007 with a fight card headlined by Gilbert Melendez vs. Tetsuji Kato. Bellator MMA, meanwhile, will be staging fights outside the entrance to Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas as part of the Monster Energy Cup (Supercross) show on Oct. 18.

Just remember if you're taking the train, use platform nine and three-quarters.

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