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Bellator 129 LIVE results stream

Bellator 129: "Bradley vs. Neer" takes place TONIGHT (Fri., Oct. 17, 2014) at the Mid-America Center in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Two former UFC welterweights with a chip on their shoulders will try to knock the other's head off as "The Gentleman" Paul Bradley battles Josh "The Dentist" Neer. In the co-main event at a 215-pound catchweight "The Assassin" Houston Alexander faces "Rezdog" Virgil Zwicker. We'll have real-time results tonight starting with "prelim" fights at 7 p.m. ET!

Bellator 129: "Bradley vs. Neer" takes place TONIGHT (Fri., Oct. 17, 2014) at the Mid-America Center in Council Bluffs, Iowa, with the seventh event of Bellator's eleventh season.

Two former UFC welterweights with a chip on their shoulders will try to knock the other's block off as Josh "The Dentist" Neer battles "The Gentleman" Paul Bradley. Neer is on a three-fight win streak and is the local Victory Fighting welterweight champion, so he's looking to not let down the hometown crowd. Bradley is an Iowa product himself and holds a decision win over "Psycho" Karl Amoussou inside the Bellator cage.

In the co-main event at a 215-pound catchweight, "The Assassin" Houston Alexander faces "Rezdog" Virgil Zwicker. Zwicker is a late replacement for MMA legend James "The Colossus" Thompson with a fight career that extends back to 2003, while local favorite Alexander hopes to repeat the punching power performance he last showed in Bellator against Matt Uhde. will be here all night long to bring you LIVE Bellator 129 results below, including quick results of the under card action on (7 p.m. ET), as well as play-by-play updates of the Spike TV broadcast that starts at 9 p.m. ET.

Many readers check in before, during and after the fights to share their thoughts on all of the action. Feel free to leave a comment (or 129) about the bouts before you leave and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it's always a lot of fun!


Main Card (Spike TV):

Paul Bradley def. Josh Neer via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
Houston Alexander and Virgil Zwicker fight to a majority draw
Andre Santos def. James Terry via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
Joe Vedepo def. Davin Clark via TKO (punches) – Round 3, 2:27

Preliminary Card (

John DeVall def. Chris Lane via submission (triangle choke) - Round 1, 4:40
Eric Howser def. Tim Bazer via submission (elbows) - Round 1, 4:11
Michael McBride def. Kevin Morris via submission (rear-naked choke) - Round 1, 4:32
Martin Brown def. Bryan Corley via knockout (punches) - Round 2, 0:42
Jozette Cotton def. Holly Lawson unanimous decision (30-26, 30-27, 30-27)
Anthony Smith def. Brian Green via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-26, 30-26)
Victor Moreno def. Marcos Marquez via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)


Josh Neer vs. Paul Bradley

Round 1: Bradley is in the white trunks tonight. Neer is in the black. Our referee is "Big" John McCarthy. Bradley gets the first power strike with a right hook and gets a takedown at 28 seconds. Bradley is going body head with short left hands in guard. Some right elbows are getting through and one has opened up a cut streaming straight down into Neer's left ear. So far "The Gentleman" is not being kind. 3 minutes gone and it has been one-way traffic. Bradley tries to pass and gets to half guard at 3:55. The crowd is impatient but Bradley has been doing enough damage to not get stood up. 10-9 Bradley.

Round 2: Bradley doubles a takedown 22 seconds into R2. Bradley slowly pushes Neer flat onto his back as the crowd complains. They are booing loudly 1:40 in as Neer ties up his arms and doesn't let Bradley do much - but he does just enough for McCarthy to let it continue. Bradley moves to half guard at 2:29. Neer gets him back to half guard again and Bradley continues to throw short shots whenever he gets a hand free. Bradley takes half again at 4 minutes and then is pushed back to half again. There's not a fan in the MAC happy with this fight right now but Neer is being dominated. 10-9 again.

Round 3: Neer is trying to change things up by using leg kicks. Bradley is letting him come forward as he scouts a takedown opportunity. Neer is goading Bradley to trade but he gets the single leg instead and dumps Neer at 1:22 as the crowd dumps on the fight in return. With 90 seconds left to go their opinion of this fight is virtually unanimous as Bradley takes Neer's back when he tries to stand. He loses position but gets Neer back to the ground again. McCarthy stands there and stares at them with 30 seconds to go. A stand-up at this point would be useless anyway. He leaves them there until the final bell.

Final result: All three judges see it 30-27 unanimous for Paul Bradley.


Houston Alexander vs. Virgil Zwicker

Round 1: Alexander has on white trunks, Zwicker has on black and blue. Our referee is Rob Hinds. Alexander charges and gets a power takedown in the first 10 seconds. Zwicker gets up at the one minute mark and Alexander takes him right back down. Zwicker is up again and back down again at 1:55 - this time he doesn't have the fence to help him out. They're stood up at 3:48 and Alexander is given given a verbal warning for a headbutt. Zwicker fends off another takedown attempt. 10-9 Alexander.

Round 2: 45 seconds into R2 and both men seem ready to stand and bang. Zwicker slips and goes face down but Alexander doesn't take advantage. Alexander is landing knees when they get tight. Alexander with a takedown at 2:50. Alexander is slowly flattening out Zwicker at the 4 minute mark and the more dominant he looks the louder the crowd gets. Zwicker gets back up at 4:44 and they trade punches, then Zwicker gets a takedown on short time. Most likely another 10-9 for Alexander.

Round 3: Zwicker goes for a takedown 23 seconds in but Alexander winds up on top and he's throwing right hands at Zwicker's head from guard. Rob Hinds stops the fight again for another Alexander headbutt and this one was clear as day. Hinds signals a one point deduction to all three judges. Alexander ends up on top at 1:58 as both dropped to their knees fighting each other for leverage. Alexander stays on top for the rest of the round but can do no better than 9-9.

Final result: A majority draw of 29-28 Alexander, 28-28 X2.


James Terry vs. Andre Santos

Round 1: Santos is in the black trunks tonight. Terry is in the red. Our referee in charge is "Big" John McCarthy. "Intensity" Terry comes out throwing leather with bad intentions but Santos stays out of his range. Santos is making Terry circle around him. So far the only thing Terry lands with regularity is a leg kick. A right finally clips Santos' chin at 1:58. Left head kick by Santos is checked. Santos stands and trades with him for a bit at 2:45. Terry tries to press him into the fence. Terry with a left hook and right jab. The more Santos wants to trade the more Terry likes it. Santos has opened up his right eye. Terry shoots and Santos shrugs him off at 4:23. Terry clinches with short time to no effect. 10-9 Santos.

Round 2: A respectful glove tap starts R2 and Terry starts swinging again. Every now and then Terry tests his chin and Santos passes. Santos gets a takedown at 1:12 and Terry pops up immediately, and they break apart at 1:31. Terry is turning it up in the second half of the round and has Santos backing away and counter striking. Both men are effectively landing their jabs by the fourth minute and neither even hints at a takedown. Terry gets a late takedown right before R2 that in a close one may have stolen it for him.

Round 3: Santos is throwing some heavy overhand rights in the first minute. Santos rocks Terry with a right at 1:25 and tries to take the back but Terry scrambles and runs for his life. Santos smells blood in the water. McCarthy calls time as Santos lands an accidental left kick to the groin. Terry recovers quickly and we resume with 2:15 gone. Santos is looking for the kill shot and Terry is happy to stand and bang. Terry shoots and gets a takedown at 3:14. He tries to take the back, Santos momentarily gets up. Terry puts him right back down but Santos goes for an arm. He doesn't get it. 4:10. Terry may be looking for a sub with short time but he doesn't get it.

Final result: All three judges score it 30-27 for Andre Santos.


Joe Vedepo vs. Davin Clark

Round 1: Clark is in the blue trunks tonight, Vedepo the white. Our referee in charge is Rob Hinds. Vedepo dives for a leg 27 seconds in and Clark avoids it. He doesn't avoid the left hook. Vedepo backs him up to the fence before putting him on his butt at 1:19. Clark pushes down on his head looking for an escape. He's up at 1:58 with Vedepo sticky on his back, tripping him down at 2:14 and keeping back control as he looks for hooks. He gets one in as Clark tries to get up, but can't sneak the right leg in. Clark pins his arms for a bit and Vedepo lands an elbow once he gets free. He's trying to get the left arm under the chin with 40 seconds to go in R1. Vedepo takes the opening round 10-9.

Round 2: 30 seconds into R2 is deja vu as Vedepo has Clark's butt on the ground and back to the fence. He's looking for a guillotine choke from his knees and periodically standing up as he tries to cinch it tighter. Clark stands up and eats a knee for his trouble but he gets free. 2 minutes. Vedepo takes his back at 2:22, hammering the head with a free left arm. This is also deja vu as he only has the left hook in. Vedepo tries to sneak that left arm under the chin. If he could ever get that second hook in Clark would be in a world of trouble. Now he's got it at 3:55, but he doesn't turn it into a body lock. He rides the back until R2 ends for another 10-9.

Round 3: Vedepo can't get the double but takes Clark's back at 21 seconds, switching to a single and dumping Clark on his head at 40 seconds. He lays on the knees and looks for the hooks. He's got it at 1:12 and he's hammering away with lefts and rights from back mount as Clark covers up. Hinds will warn him to fight back if this keeps up. 2 minutes in and nothing but unanswered lefts and rights by Vedepo. Hinds has finally seen enough at 2:27 and waves the contest off.

Final result: Joe Vedepo wins via TKO at 2:27 of the third round.


Chris Lane vs. John DeVall

Round 1: Lane is in the white/grey trunks, DeVall the black. Our referee in charge is Rick Tasler. For those who haven't seen him DeVall has a bushy beard and a neon pink mohawk. Lane takes him down at 1:04. Lane stands up to improve position at 2:19 and jumps back into full guard. DeVall isn't letting him do much on the ground. Lane nearly picks him up for a slam from guard but he falls out. DeVall gets a triangle with 4:30 left and Lane taps out 10 seconds later, then tries to beg off that he didn't.

Final result: DeVall wins by triangle choke submission at 4:40 of the first round.


Eric Howser vs. Tim Bazer

Round 1: Howser is in the blue trunks, Bazer the black, and our referee in charge is Bruce Allen. The two hug it out after the opening bell. Howser gets it to the ground and takes Bazer's back 1:40 into the fight. Howser is patient trying to get the body lock so that Bazer can't turn out and get on top. Bazer succeeds at turning out though at 2:54. Howser throws some elbows from the bottom as he looks for a triangle choke with a minute left and finally at 4:11 Allen waves off the fight.

Final result: 4:11 of R1 for the tap via strikes for the winner - Eric Howser.


Kevin Morris vs. Michael McBride

Round 1: McBride is in the blue trunks and Morris the black. "Big" John McCarthy is our referee. Morris has a takedown 12 seconds in. McBride does a good job of tying up his arms and blocking any offense. McCarthy says "let's go" at 1:33. Morris has North-South at 2:20 and is looking for a choke but McBride slips his head out and stands up, looking for a takedown. He doubles Morris to the ground at the 3 minute mark. McBride has a full mount at 3:50 and Morris gives up his back. McBride hammers away and gets an arm under the chin at 4:32 for the tapout.

Final result: McBride wins by rear naked choke submission at 4:32 of R1.


Martin Brown vs. Bryan Corley

Round 1: Brown is in the black trunks, Corley the white, and our referee is Rob Hinds. Corley has Brown against the fence throwing strikes at 1:55 but Brown turns him around for a takedown at 2:09. Corley is back up at 2:37. Brown with another takedown at 3:30. Corley is up again at 4:30 and back down at 4:41. 10-9 round for Brown.

Round 2: Brown hits another hard takedown 25 seconds into R2 and KNOCKS CORLEY FLAT ON THE GROUND. Hinds waves it off immediately. Corley is unable to sit up or even raise his head up. They finally sit him up and put some ice on his neck a minute later.

Final result: Marin Brown wins by knockout 42 seconds into the second round.


Holly Lawson vs. Jozette Cotton

Round 1: Lawson is in all black and making her pro debut. Cotton is in the pink top and trunks, 4-0 as a pro, fighting out of Omaha. Our referee is "Big" John McCarthy. Cotton works the kicks early. Cotton gets an angry look on her face at 1:42 when one of her strikes is blocked. Her hands are down low a lot of the time. At one point she just stands and stares at Lawson for 5 seconds without moving. There's something strange about this fight - it doesn't quite feel like MMA. Maybe it's that Cotton's trunks say "#1 HEAD BUSTA." At the end of R1 Cotton did more, but neither woman did much.

Round 2: At the four minute mark of R2, Cotton just stands there with her hands on her hip waiting for her opponent to do something. She seems to have no regard for her opponent at all. She just walks forward with her hands down shaking her head. It's hard to take this fight at face value when one of the two women in it doesn't want to. 10-9 Cotton again.

Round 3: Cotton bulls Lawson into the fence and gets a takedown at 1:07. Cotton backs off and pulls her bra strap up so that McCarthy will stand Lawson up at 2:15. Cotton backs her all the way to the fence at 3:42 with strikes then backs away with her hands down like "And what?" Cotton pulls her "hands down walk away" again at 4:15, and at 4:35. Someone behind me in press row calls this "the worst chick fight I've seen in my life." By the 5 minute mark Cotton has her hands down behind her waist, and the crowd is booing. It's not for lack of energy though - she starts dancing to the Nelly music when the bout ends.

Final result: 30-26, 30-27 X2 for the unanimous winner Jozette Cotton.


Brian Green vs. Anthony Smith

Round 1: Our referee in charge is Rob Hinds. Green is in the blue trunks, Smith is in the black. Hinds tries to stop the action thinking there's a low blow, Green doesn't want it and Smith shakes his head to deny it - the clock never stops either way. Green is throwing some hard leg kicks. Smith backs him up to the fence at 1:42 and is laying it it on, and tags him with a knee at 1:59. Spinning backfist and another knee. Smith looks like he wants to end this fast. Green is slowing down and he's not keeping his hands up. His face and midsection are both red. Smith unloads with elbows at 2:51. Green has a cut opening over his left eyebrow. Smith trips Green to the ground on a kick and jumps in guard. 3:40. He backs off to force the standup at 4:02. Green stings Smith with a shot and he covers up then throws a knee once he's blocked enough punches. 10-9 for Smith but Green looked decent in the final minute.

Round 2: The question now is whether or not Smith gassed himself out in R1. Green goes down on a strike and/or slip at the 56 second mark and Smith pounces. Green's cut has been opened up. Smith is trying to maul him against the fence with elbows. Green is trying to go for an armbar but can't get it. Rob Hinds is taking a close look at 2:20 to make sure Green is still defending himself intelligently. His body language says that he thinks Green is in trouble - and he's right. The elbows are leaving lumps on Green's forehead. Hinds calls for more work at 3:20. Green tries to backroll his way out of trouble so Smith slaps his butt and rubs his fanny to make the crowd laugh. One-sided easy round for Smith as he earns another 10-9.

Round 3: Smith doubles Green to the ground 18 seconds into R3. Smith works his way to North-South then back to side control. It wouldn't be surprising if he went for a kimura to finish this. Hinds has to dig Green's toes out of the fence when he tries to grab hold. He nearly gets up in a scramble at 2:25 but Smith trips him back to the ground at 2:46. Smith is smothering Green on the ground. The crowd is calling for a stand-up at 3:45. By 4:05 they're booing loudly. Smith backs off, avoids a couple of upkicks, and jumps back on. It's a smart but uneventful third round. Smith takes the back in the closing seconds of the fight and Green takes out his mouthpiece to complain to him and to the ref.

Final result: 29-28 and 30-27 X2 all for the unanimous winner - Anthony Smith.


Marcos Marquez vs. Victor Moreno

Round 1: Marquez is in the black trunks. Moreno is in the blue. Our referee is Rick Tasler. Moreno lands the first leg kick. Marquez is being pushed toward the fence. Moreno is landing solid combos and a good left hook. Marquez is starting to find his range and push back at the 2 minute mark. Moreno catches a leg kick and Marquez pops him. Moreno has Marquez backed up to the fence again at 3:05 and he throws a head kick. Push kick by Moreno sends Marquez backward. Solid right hand to Marquez' jaw. Moreno tries to take the back at 4:42 and Marquez slips out. 10-9 opening round for Moreno in the opening fight.

Round 2: Moreno is continuing to press forward to open R2, landing more leg kicks, and Marquez is starting to wear the fight on his face. Marquez is trying to close the distance and slug his way back into it and he's opened up with some leg kicks of his own. Moreno has Marquez in trouble at 2:48 but he gets away. Hard left hand body shot from Moreno. Marquez throws a high kick that taps Moreno's hand. Even though Marquez is counter striking fairly well, he's backpedaling most of the time. This round was closer than the first.

Round 3: Moreno has Marquez against the fence 35 seconds into R3 and he's unloading. Marquez is showing a good chin. Moreno loads up an overhand right and stings with it at 1:17. He mixes in body shots nicely and teases a jumping left knee to keep Marquez at range. Marquez is bleeding as we pass the two minute mark - it's on the left side of his face. There appeared to be a low blow but Moreno waved it off. Moreno tries a jumping high head kick that excites the Iowa crowd. Marquez is never all the way out of it but he's far from winning at this point. All he can do with 30 seconds left is circle and counter. With no last second heroics for Marquez, Moreno should take a unanimous decision.

Final result: The judges score this contest 30-27 X3 all for Victor Moreno.


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