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Report: 'War Machine' attempts suicide in prison as Christy Mack felony assault trial looms


Jon Koppenhaver, a.k.a. "War Machine," tried to end his life on Tuesday evening (Oct. 14, 2014), but that effort was halted in-progress by a Las Vegas, Nevada, corrections officer.

According TMZ,  law enforcement officials said the former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and Bellator fighter -- who is awaiting his fate after allegedly assaulting ex-girlfriend Christy Mack back in August -- was found by his bed in his cell with a piece of linen around his neck that was tied to the bed.

The officer saw him sitting on the floor and when he called out to him "War Machine" was unresponsive. That prompted him to enter the cell and cut him loose.

According to the report, "War Machine" is now being held in a medical isolation cell on suicide watch. A suicide note was discovered in his cell after further inspection.

"War Machine" was arrested on Aug. 15, 2014, after a week-long man hunt. He was charged with several felonies, including attempted murder, for assaulting Mack and her friend, Corey Thomas.

Earlier this week, his defense team asked to postpone the court proceedings to prepare a plea bargain. That request was granted by Las Vegas Justice of the Peace Melanie Tobiasson.

MMAMania will have more information on the latest incident as it becomes available.

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