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War Machine court date postponed as defense attorney seeks plea bargain in Christy Mack attack


I'm not sure we can file "plea bargain" under "Alpha Male Shit," but like defense attorney Brandon Sua remarked at last month's arraignment, there is a difference between Jon Koppenhaver the man, and War Machine the character.

So, which one is responsible for allegedly beating the shit out of Christy Mack?

Both of them, according to Las Vegas prosecutors, and with both Mack and Corey Thomas -- the second victim in last August's bloody rampage -- set to testify in court on Friday (Oct. 17, 2014), the defense has asked to postpone the proceedings in order to put together a plea bargain.

A request that was granted by Las Vegas Justice of the Peace Melanie Tobiasson, according to Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Koppenhaver has maintained his innocence over the past few months, but hasn't exactly been helping his own cause, sending letters about killing Mack in Texas and releasing tweets about the specifics of what he called self defense after stumbling upon his on again, off again girlfriend sharing a bed with Thomas.

But considering the former UFC and Bellator fighter was facing a long list of felony charges, including attempted murder, it sounds like Sua was able to talk him into a plea bargain, though there is no guarantee prosecutors will accept the offer, depending on what sort of concessions the defense is asking for.

We'll know more in about a month ... stay tuned.

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