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Miesha Tate: I want to throw punches with Bethe Correia until someone goes down

Atsushi Tomura

Consider that a call out.

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) bantamweight No. 1 contender, Miesha Tate, would like to be in an actual fight when she returns to the cage, and not a boring mixed martial arts (MMA) bout where her opponent does nothing but grab her and hold her on the ground.

Let her bang, bro.

To that end, "Cupcake" thinks Bethe Correia -- who probably won't get this fight until mid-2015 -- would be the perfect style match up, and told Ask Men that she's willing to stand and bang with the unblemished Brazilian until someone goes down.

"I really want to fight Bethe Correia. She's doing really well and she's not afraid to engage in a fight. She's undefeated and she has an exciting style of fighting. My last two opponents that I beat just wanted to grab a hold of me and take me to the ground. They did not want to throw punches with me at all. It's not as fun for me. I like people that want to stand up and fight. I feel like Correia is well rounded and we could win fight of the night. It's hard to win fight of the night when one of the two people in the ring just want to hold on to you or lay on you. I want to fight someone that isn't afraid to stand up with me. Let's give the fans what they want to see and throw punches until someone goes down."

Interesting criticism from a fighter previously known as "Takedown."

It's also surprising to hear her round-robin of call outs. Last we heard, a Sara McMann fight was close to being signed, and "Cupcake" had previously thrown shade at both Gina Carano and Sarah Kaufman. So, how about it fight fans, this potential bangfest doing anything for you?

And assuming they eventually bang, which one of these lovely ladies is going down on fight night?

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