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Bonjour! Georges St. Pierre spotted having secret lunch with Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta


Fancy meeting you here!

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight titleholder Georges St. Pierre had lunch with UFC President Dana White, along with UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta, on Tuesday afternoon (Oct. 14, 2014) at Toque, a fancy-shmancy restaurant in downtown Montreal.

And nobody knew anything about it.

But journalist Steven Chmielash -- who doesn't ordinarily cover mixed martial arts (MMA) -- spotted St. Pierre through the restaurant window, because everyone in Canada knows who "Rush" is (thanks to this), in the same way everyone in New Jersey recognizes the famed Nostradumbass.

What did they talk about?

Sorry, that conversation is like Ronda Rousey's salary, it's NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS! But White did confirm the luncheon to The Province, and insisted his running into the surgically-repaired St. Pierre -- who walked away from combat sports in late 2013 for personal and professional reasons -- was merely a coincidence.

Uh huh.

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