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FOX Sports issues statement on 'regrettable' Mike Goldberg NFL situation, UFC announcer apologizes for emotional mistake

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After receiving harsh criticism for his broadcasting performance during the NFL's Lions vs. Vikings game, "Goldie" lashed out on social media. And because of his unprofessional behavior, he will not be back behind the mic for the Bills vs. Vikings game this coming weekend.

Ethan Miller

Mike Goldberg, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) play-by-play man, made his NFL on FOX debut last weekend (Sun., Oct. 12, 2014) to call the Minnesota VIkings vs. Detroit Lions game.

Throughout the afternoon, Goldberg received a boatload of criticism on Twitter and lashed out at several "haters" with expletives, which is usually a big no-no on a big network like FOX.

And sure enough, the social meltdown ensured that he was one and done.

Goldberg took to Twitter earlier this evening (Tues., Oct. 14, 2014) to apologize for his actions, explaining that he and FOX agreed it would be best that he step aside for this weekend's game that he was scheduled to call between the Buffalo Bills and Minnesota Vikings.

His mea culpa:

"I just want to apologize to everyone at FOX and elsewhere for my momentary lapse of reason Sunday night. I let some mean-spirited folks on twitter get to me and I should have had thicker skin instead of reacting so quickly and emotionally. I don't want to be a distraction on the upcoming broadcast Sunday, so we mutually agreed that it would be best to sit this next one out. I'm not happy about it personally but, professionally, it's the right thing to do after my mistake. Thank you to FOX and to others who have been so great to me and understanding." reached out to FOX Sports once news broke that Goldberg was removed from the upcoming broadcast and replaced in the booth by Tim Brando.

Below is the official statement, which is in-line with Goldberg's public apology:

"Obviously, Mike let his emotions get the best of him during his Twitter responses on Sunday. He was quick to apologize for this unfortunate and regrettable situation and understands he made a mistake. He offered to not broadcast this Sunday's game to avoid any further distraction and we agreed."

It's unclear at this time if Goldberg will return to the NFL broadcast booth anytime soon.

Meanwhile, he'll assume his normal "day job" alongside Joe Rogan when the long-time broadcast partners head down to Maracanazinho Gymnasium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on Oct. 25, 2014, to call UFC 179: "Aldo vs. Mendes 2."

Where, undoubtedly, the familiar format -- and standards for conduct -- will be a bit more relaxed.